Iphone 6s và 7

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If you"re looking for an older iPhone model, the iPhone 7 and 6S are capable, feature-rich devices. While they may lack some of the bells and whistles of the iPhone 11 or other recent models, they"re perfect for a child or anyone who"d lượt thích to save money but still enjoy a good smartphone.

Deciding between an iPhone 7 and an iPhone 6S can be confusing because they have the same shape & design. Here's a look at the differences between these two older-model iPhones so you can decide which one best suits your needs.

While the hãng apple Store doesn"t sell the iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S, táo bị cắn dở Store retail locations often keep some older models in stock for exchanges. These earlier models are available from sellers such as Best Buy & Amazon.

The iPhone 7 Doesn't Have a headphone Jack

When the iPhone 7 came along without a headphone jack, it caused an uproar among users dedicated khổng lồ their wired headphones. The lack of a headphone jack might be the most significant difference between the iPhone 7 và iPhone 6S for some consumers.

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The iPhone 7 doesn"t have a traditional tai nghe jack. Instead, connect your headphones using the Lightning port (or wirelessly if you have AirPods). Táo khuyết reportedly made this change lớn make more room inside the iPhone for a better cảm ứng 3 chiều sensor. Whatever the reason,the iPhone 6S & iPhone SE are the last iPhone models with standard tai nghe jacks.

These days, with the enormous success of AirPods, tai nghe jacks matter only lớn people who really lượt thích their wired headphones. Inexpensive Lightning-to-headphone jack adapters easily connect wired headphones khổng lồ iPhones with Lightning ports, so this factor shouldn"t matter too much if you"re deciding between an iPhone 7 and an iPhone 6S.


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New màu sắc Options

The iPhone 6S introduced the rose-gold màu sắc to the iPhone lineup, joining traditional gold, space gray, and silver. The iPhone 7 series nixed the space gray, but added black and jet black along with the other colors.

Since these are older phones, there's no guarantee you'll find your preferred màu sắc today, but if you have a preference, kiểm tra eBay and other sellers.

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