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Soon, WhatsApp will end tư vấn for iPhones running game ios 10 và iOS 11 including iPhone 5 và iPhone 5C.Now, game ios 12, app android 4.1 và newer versions will support WhatsApp.Recently, WhatsApp has rolled out emoji reactions lớn messages.

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WhatsApp, one of the most popular instant messaging apps will stop working on iPhones running quả táo 10 và 11, iPhone 5 & iPhone 5C later this year. According lớn a screenshot shared by WABetaInfo và an article posted by WhatsApp Help Center only ios 12 & newer versions will tư vấn WhatsApp. Users using WhatsApp on ios 10 or game ios 11 need to update to ios 12 khổng lồ continue using a messaging app. You can still continue to lớn use WhatsApp on iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, và iPhone 6s but you need to update to lớn the latest version of iOS. If you are an app android user, your phone needs to run on OS 4.1 or newer to run WhatsApp. Unfortunately, WhatsApp will no longer be available on iPhone 5 & 5C since game ios 12 is not compatible with these devices.

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We are a couple of weeks away from WWDC 2022 và we are expecting apple to announce the quả táo 16. Rumours suggest that quả táo 16 will stop working on iPhone 6s và iPhone 6s Plus. Recent/ upcoming updates by WhatsAppRecently, WhatsApp has released a bunch of new features và working on a handful of updates.
Company has rolled out emojis reaction and working on working on bringing rich liên kết previews for status updates. Rich link feature will offer more information about the link to the viewers. Some of the features are currently being tested on the game ios app and are expected to lớn be available for Android và desktop users as well in upcoming updates. SEE ALSO:How lớn react to lớn WhatsApp messages using an emojiAmazon is reportedly testing a program that involves Flex drivers making deliveries from mall retailers
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