How to jailbreak iphone 4 ios 7


Pangu jailbreak can install Cydia on game ios devices running tiện ích ios 7, quả táo 8, & iOS 9.

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Go back khổng lồ your Settings app & reset the date back to lớn normal

Troubleshooting Guide:

Pangu Stuck at 45%

This error tends khổng lồ appear when you back up your data using encrypted backups in iTunes. Lớn fix, xuất hiện iTunes > Summary & disable Encrypted Backups. Now attempt the jailbreak again.

Pangu Jailbreak won’t InstallIf that doesn’t work, reboot your computer & your iPhone and try againIf not, xuất hiện Pangu & use the Restore function khổng lồ restore your device & then try againDo kiểm tra that you have disabled Find my iPhone/iPad, và your PasscodeCannot Find Preferences for Tweaks

There is no support for the PreferenceLoader on tiện ích ios 9, so you won’t see the jailbreak tweaks Preferences option in your Settings app.

Cannot Find Cydia after Pangu Jailbreak

If you jailbreak, but the Cydia phầm mềm is not there, xuất hiện the Photos app on your iPhone & then run Pangu again; wait, & you should see Cydia appear.

Pangu Start Button is Greyed Out

To get past this error, make sure you have the latest iTunes version on your computer, reconnect your device and try the jailbreak again.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Pangu Jailbreak Safe?

Yes, the Pangu Jailbreak is completely safe to download and use. It has been recommended by the creator of Cydia himself on his official website.

Can I install Pangu using AltStore?

No, you cannot install the Pangu jailbreak tiện ích using AltStore. Since AltStore requires ios 12 and above, và Pangu is only supported up to quả táo 9.

Is Pangu Jailbreak Untethered?

Yes, the Pangu jailbreak is an untethered jailbreaking tool for the iPhone and iPad.

Is Pangu Jailbreak Free?

Yes, the Pangu Jailbreak ứng dụng is không lấy phí to tải về and install. Use the link above to download the Pangu jailbreak app on your iPhone & iPad.

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