Ios 11 beta 3 tidbits: new tv providers, fixed ipad app switcher and more


It"s a little later than expected (I"d really been hoping khổng lồ use a "My funny Beta-tine" joke...well, it was funny lớn me), but táo khuyết has finally released quả táo 11.3 Public Beta 3. Most likely, the delay was due to lớn the emergency release of tiện ích ios 11.2.6, which was created to lớn address the Telegu text message bug (seriously, guys - how many more characters are waiting lượt thích time bombs khổng lồ go off in our apps?).

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The third round of beta testing doesn"t bring much new to quả táo 11.3 than what we"ve already experienced. Of course, there were the new animojis and the return of Messages in iCloud that Public Beta 1 brought. Beta 2 included the much-anticipated Battery Health feature which, honestly, is a little underwhelming. I was hoping for something that had a little more real-time data on battery performance. While there are excellent apps lượt thích Coconut Battery that let you get detailed information on the physical state of your iPhone battery, they"re not native to iOS.

Public Beta 3 doesn"t improve on that, but does bring a host of bug fixes, including a major fix for WiFi dropouts that was popping up for some beta testers on PB 1 và 2. Other than that, it seems that táo bị cắn has settled into bug fix mode. Does this mean that ios 11.3 will be released sooner than expected? With the marketing hype from last month putting a big target on this release, I wouldn"t be surprised to lớn see tiện ích ios 11.3 drop soon after March 1.

Wondering how to beta kiểm tra iOS? Read my guide to get started.

iOS 11.3 Features So Far

Other than the Battery Health beta, what else has snuck into the game ios 11.3 Public Beta? It can"t all just be animojis, can it?

Face ID:If you have a face, you can use it khổng lồ approve family purchases. USB:still no word yet on if the "connect an accessory via lightning connector to the device while unlocked or enter your device passcode while connected, at least once a week" security feature is worth its salt. Honestly, all of my iDevice accessories are Bluetooth, so I haven"t had a chance to lớn try this one out.

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Major Release, Major Bugs (and Fixes)

Of course, into every Beta, a few bugs must crawl. Và being a major release, ios 11.3 has its fair share. Here are the biggest bugs and best bug fixes in Public Beta 3.

Messages: Some Message threads may take longer khổng lồ load. Skype: No longer crashes on launch or sign in. iPod Touch: game ios 11.3 is not supported for the 6th Generation iPod cảm biến at this time. Support will be added in a future release.

Get lớn downloading (make sure your device is plugged in or fully charged first) andsee ifApple"s solution to Battery-gate was worth the wait.


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