In such a way là gì

I cannot live in such a way any more.I vì not think we should speak in such a way.We do not want our discussion to be disturbed in such a way.It is clearly not a good example of transparency to proceed in such a way.By treating Mohamed Omer in such a way, Israel is debasing itself.To sacrifice himself in such a way... it was an act of bravery... that my nation will never forget.No of the other children were affected in such a way.Digital tachographs shall be designed in such a way as to lớn ensure privacy.Bạn đang xem: In such a way là gì

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The prices of shares in giải pháp công nghệ have sầu risen in a such a way which cannot be justified economically.Those who acted in a such a way, merely for the sake of political manoeuvring, were not bothered about the fate of the Stockholm Programme.The chạy thử apparatus must be adjusted in a such a way that the exhaustgas flow is alternatively interrupted & reestablished by the quickaction valve for 2500 cycles.The holder shall be placed horizontally in a device in such a way that the adjustment parts of the mounting can be clamped securely.The protective housing is placed horizontally in a device in such a way that it is possible khổng lồ loông xã the attachment support adjusters the way or in a way? in a different way or a different way? In this way or in such way? in such a way or in such way? in such ways or in such a way? in the similar way or in a similar way?

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