Robot or human?


I have been using mechanical keyboards for over three years now, but I haven’t, until now, been able khổng lồ convince myself lớn ditch my function and arrow keys. However, the New Poker II changed all that. It’s my first 60% keyboard, và I’ve got lớn say, I miss all those extra keys less và less every single day. However, at $110, the new Poker II doesn’t come cheaply. Is it worth the price?

You can find the New Poker II for sale of Amazon here, with a variety of switch options. You can choose between a black & a trắng case.

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iKBC packaged the New Poker II reasonably, though I vị have my concerns. While the actual boxing of the keyboard was well padded in protective padding, it seems that the board felt a fair amount of force, one of the extra keycaps that came inside the box was shattered by the time I got it. While I can’t place the onus entirely on iKBC for this, I still think there is room for improvement in their packaging in terms of protection during transit.


The inside of the box looks like it sustained a lot of uneven pressure from the keys during transit.

To their credit, iKBC did quickly offer to lớn send me a new key, which is nice.

Besides the aforementioned concerns, I can’t really complain about anything. The packaging is efficient and compact, with no apparent wasted space. The keyboard itself did not show any signs of damage during transit.

Specs and Features

The New Poker II has a lot of features, so many that I had khổng lồ spend và extra week just to get used khổng lồ them & test them all out. But before I get into that, here’s the switch options for the New Poker II:

Cherry MX BlueCherry MX BrownCherry MX RedCherry MX Black

As I mentioned in the title, this keyboard is very intelligent. Its extreme flexibility comes from its ability to lớn fully program almost every single key, và its ability khổng lồ store up to three “layers” onboard, no external software needed. As a programmer myself, I find this khổng lồ be a godsend. No more copying và pasting of tedious repetitive code. I vày genuinely save a lot of time.


On the back of the New Poker II you can find 6 DIP switches. They control a number of things included the layout which can be switched between:


Additioanlly, you can use the dip switches to lớn make some nifty little changes to the layout beyond completely changing it:

The DIP switch number 3 allows you to lớn change Fn và Pn positions.The DIP switch number 4 turns on the arrow keys on left Shift / Fn / Pn / Ctrl.The DIP switch number 5 switches Capslock / left Ctrl.The DIP switch number 6 switches Win / Alt

I’ve used my keyboard almost exclusively in Qwerty, though I did chạy thử it khổng lồ make sure all the other layouts worked correctly. They did.

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Build Quality

The Poker II is built quite well, & feels very sturdy in the hand. The whole thing is made from a semi-matte plastic which has absolutely no flex in it at all. While it doesn’t have any angle-adjustment feet, it doesn’t really need them, as resting flat, the keyboard still has an angle to it & is quite comfortable to use.

The style is floating-key-ish. The case still guards the keys a bit, but doesn’t fully expose the switches, a style that I really approve of. This way, the keys are still “displayed” but aren’t exposed to a much force in the sự kiện of a side-ways impact. This protects the switches, which, lets face it, would be a pain to lớn replace in the sự kiện of a snap.

One concern I did have is for the keycaps. While they are quite nice lớn use & have a wonderful texture & easy-to-read legends, I found that the back of each key had a small blemish, presumably where it was cut from an PBT tray. These blemishes are likely the result of the machine that cut the keys from the tray not being sharp enough to lớn make a clean slice, và instead having khổng lồ “pull” the plastic apart, hence the blemish. For a $100 keyboard, I generally bởi expect flawless keys.

On the bottom of the keyboard you will find the USB-C port & the cable-routing system, which is quite good.


iKBC included with the Poker II a nylon USB-C to lớn USB-A cable và a plastic USB-C khổng lồ USB-C cable, both of which are OTG. They worked well with all my devices & even allowed me to lớn use the keyboard on my Nexus 6P.

Additionally, the Poker II comes with various colored modifier keycaps as well as a nice key puller.


The iKBC Poker II is a 60% keyboard with some big goals. It hits most of them, but forgets lớn tend to lớn some of the minor details. For the price of $100, I’m not sure you can find a keyboard in this khung factor that has the feature set of the New Poker II, nor will you find one that’s as easy khổng lồ use (looking at you Vortex). So if you are in the market for a highly programmable, easy lớn use, và generally well-built mechanical keyboard, the iKBC New Poker II is absolutely worth your attention.

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