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Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks – Guide to Play Ibaraki Doji, The Exploding Killer

Based on the Review of Onmyoji Arena, today, we are going to lớn give you a Reviews about a character on the game called Ibaraki Doji.

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Game Preparation


1. Grass Cutting Swords  (Main Item)
I choose the Magic Resist one because his passive sầu lets hlặng gain armor by using his health. the more health he had the more tanky he is.
3. Mikazuki  (Main Item)
This is another must have sản phẩm, You already got your skill 3 to lớn give sầu area damage, but what if you can double the damage. well, by using Vaisravana drum. You will be able to lớn khuyễn mãi giảm giá twice even trice the damage in area. This will easily help you farm and kill.
5. Ninth Wing Heaven  (Main Item, If you are using Subdue)
A Good thành tựu which will give sầu you lots of health and armor (Because of its passives) However if you don’t like this thành tích. You can change it khổng lồ Tsurumaru which will give you more damage and armor penetration.


For your onmyovì chưng, i actually recommend you lớn use this sets. Attachồng damage so you can easily chip down your enemies health in the early game for easier ultimate. Movement speed so that you can roam easily, plus if you use your skill 2 khổng lồ get those tốc độ boost you can outrun most enemies that you encounter. Armor penetration (I am still conflicted with this onmyovì actually.) I use armor penetration mainly for his ultimate. Mortality to giảm giá khuyến mãi more damage so that you can chip away a full health enemy easily. Feather sigil is khổng lồ give ibaraki a damage boost each time he kills an enemies và lastly Panther maul for that burst damage.

Skill Combination

Ibaraki Doji is a samurai, for his skill sets i recommover you to lớn take: Skill 2 (I got you, Boom) first, Skill 3 (Don’t go near me) and passives skill last. Max out skill 3 first & then skill 2. Take ultimate (Explode!) whenever available.

Now, Ibaraki main early damage comes from the onmyodo, which is the Panther Maul. Most might think that Sorcery Star is more useful for Ibaraki, but believe me it doesn’t. To use Ibaraki effectively, you need lớn lower your opponent’s health lớn the point where your ultimate will one hit kill them, which is below 50%. By using Panther Maul, you almost one hit a Marksman, Mage, and Ninja, even in the early game.

Although Ibaraki is a top lane nhân vật, i don’t really recommkết thúc you to lớn go top lane unless you really need khổng lồ. Mainly because most of the top lane enemies are another samurai or tank which will be annoying khổng lồ kill. You want a more squishy & more vulnerable enemies like mage or marksman, which is available in the bottom lane.

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Remember, you can use your onmyovì passive panther maul every 10/20s, so be sure lớn chip down the enemies health by using a second skill (i got you, Boom) & your 3rd skill (Don’t go near me). It will activate your onmyovày và easily chip down the enemies health.

The strategy of either top or bottom lane is the same, go inlớn the bush, if an enemy shikigamày come prepare your second skill and third skill & then hit them. 7/10 cases they will run away, but will definitely throw some skill in the bush.

Jump from one bush khổng lồ the others and then repeat until you are sure that you can one hit them with your ultimate. In the bottom lane it is preferable that you can target the main damage dealer like marksman or mage. If you had succeeded in killing the enemies then roam.

Roaming is one of the surest way to lớn win the game. Use your first skill that enables you to lớn gain more movement tốc độ, to roam around the aremãng cầu. Hide in the bush và ambush your enemies with your friends. Also did you know that his passive sầu enables hyên lớn have 3% of his health to lớn armor? Well, now you know why he is so tanky.

Now, in the late game, you have 2 option. Go with your team as a tank, and use your ultimate whenever available to lớn render the enemy shikigami useless. The other option is to stealth tower attacking and use your first skill to run away.

If there are a war, then you can always use your first skill khổng lồ go lớn the baông chồng of your enemies, & then kill the enemies marksman by using your bộ combo which is Third skill (Don’t Come Near me) >> Second Skill (Got ya, Bom!) >> Attaông xã until (35% health) >> Ultimate then run by using your first skill. If manageable, go in again and kill the other damage dealer. Or anyone that is low on health và below 35% because your ultimate will bởi the job.

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Honestly, there isn’t much that i can tell you about ibaraki but play him cowardly. Go inside the bush và ambush any enemies that you can find, & run when you are in pinch by using your second skill. He is one of the most annoying shikigamày, if you vày this again & again. Imagine being hit & stun when you go near a bush. Your enemies will soon be terrified and traumatized by a sight of a bush and won’t even go near it.

And so there you have it, a good guide about Ibaraki Doji, for other heroes guide you can click

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