Huawei nova 4 standard version


So after using the phone for almost a month. I did have a very good first impression of the device. But did it pass the one month thử nghiệm of my daily, rigorous usage? Let’s find out how it performed overall.

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To start with let’s talk about the Durability và Design.

To be honest, looking at the pictures alone, the phone looks so delicate that you don’t feel lượt thích holding it. But to my surprise, it is really comfortable to lớn hold và use. The fingerprint button is at the perfect location at the baông xã to lớn smooth entrance. The volume and the power on/off buttons are also placed rightly with the least amount of hindrance while using.

Let’s come khổng lồ the front now. Obviously, I have sầu never seen a front this beautiful in any phone. Punch hole display is definitely “The Thing” of 2019. The speaker grill is above sầu the screen. So tiny that you wonder how will you talk with this thing.

And the big one. 3.5mm big. The tai nghe jachồng. It’s great lớn see that some phone brands still listens to lớn the market & implement. I will come khổng lồ the display soon.

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Also, how can I not talk about the back color? 50 shades of Rainbow, I Gọi it. The color at the bachồng is definitely a head turner.

Dimensions–157 x 75.1 x 7.8 milimet (6.18 x 2.96 x 0.31 in)Weight– 172 g (6.07 oz)SIM – Dual SIM (Nano-SIM, dual stand-by)Next Up, Display

This was the first I had ever seen a punch hole thiết kế display. Attractive? Yes. Gorgeous? Sure. It’s going lớn take some time khổng lồ get over the display whenever you pick up the phone. For me, it took more than a week to hold up the phone & not appreciate its display. It is crisp and the colors are vivid. You might expect there to lớn be some bleeding near the punch hole, but surprisingly there is none.

If the display colors are too cold for you, then you can tweak it in setting and adjust the temperature as per our liking. If I need lớn piông xã a bé in the display, it would be that it’s an LCD display. Because of that, the display suffers from contrast.

Type – LTPS IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colorsSize – 6.4 inches, 101.4 cm2(~86.0% screen-to-body ratio)Resolution – 1080 x 2310 pixels (~398 ppi density)Camera

I want to lớn start with talking about the Selfie camera. Nova Series is known for a poster lượt thích selfies. with the launch of Nova 4, Huawei has made another, one of the best selfie camera. It’s a 25 MP. camera is f/2.0 aperture. It can shoot Clip at 1080p
30fpsFeatures AI & HDR come with the selfie camera. below are a few sample shots with each mode offered.

Moving on to lớn the main camera. it is a 48MP shooter split inlớn 3 units. trăng tròn MPhường primary, 16 MPhường secondary camera và a 2 MP.. depth sensor camera. With so many different modes the results you get is amazing. it can shoot videos at 2160p
30fps.Definitely one of the best camera smartphones in its price range.

Performance & OS

I have sầu been a long time iPhone user. so it was quite refreshing for me khổng lồ use an android & explore its new features with Android 9.0 (Pie). Now I know why android fans swear by its name. the Huawei skin on part of Android is smooth with minimum bloatware. The itsy bitsy features as simple as taking a screenshot and Twin App are really useful and productive in Android.

Though EMUI 9 is great. I like lớn keep my home screen simple with Nova Launcher. the Hisilinhỏ Kirin 970 Octa-core processor is fast with no hiccups in my one month use. by default, the phone comes with 128 GB storage and 8GB of RAM which is more than enough for multitasking.

Because of USB Type-C, the charging with super fast. too bad it does not support wireless charging though. I believe sầu many people have started moving towards wireless life. but what more you can expect from a midrange device.


If you are thinking about whether to get this device or not. it’s a no brainer. Huawei has again outdone themselves by producing this gorgeous phone with amazing cameras & fast processor. You can buy Huawei Nova 4 right now for 1,799 AED.

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