Honkai impact codes

Updated onFebruary 21st, 2022- Added 2 new codesIf you want to grab crystals without grinding much, then use the Honkai Impact codes listed in this article. We have created this các mục by collecting and testing all the codes lớn make sure they are valid.

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Honkai Impact is a hit hack & slash from MiHoYo where you play by choosing various casts of Valkyries. You are tasked with protecting the universe by fighting against the evil Honkai.

If you lượt thích playing games that feature content from multiple genres, Honkai Impact is worth trying. Apart from the main storyline, Honkai Impact adds clips from anime & the manhua series to lớn make things more interesting.

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On vị trí cao nhất of that, there are a bunch of new features including Valkyrie customization, open-world exploration, base building, shooting, racing, và co-op that will enhance your gaming experience.

Also, kiểm tra out không tính tiền rewards for MiHoYo"s award-winning ARPG, Genshin Impact that"s regularly updated with working codes.

Currently working Honkai Impact codes

PTNAHRBLKWKP - 60x Crystals (New!)HONKAISPRING - 200x Crystals (New!)NTNSH9S5KXMX - 60x Crystals8ANSY9BLJXL3 - 60x CrystalsJBPSGRAM2X7Q - 60x CrystalsTIANYUAN - 200x CrystalsJTPTZ8B43X74 - 60x CrystalsLYLESDGS - 50x CrystalsTIMIDOICICLE -2000x Asterite, 1x Stamina Potion BRONYA0019BC - 50x Crystals BRONYA123-9999x Coins, 1x Herrscher of Flamescion Trial Card, 1x Starless RiftTT6SH8A5JWXF -30x Crystals, 2888x Asterites, 1x SSS Trial card OptionNAPSYRBM3XJL - 30x Crystals, 2888x Asterites, 1x SSS Trial card OptionAPHO2 - 60x Crystals9A7SGQBM3XY8- 60x Crystals 9T6AZ8B5KX3U - 60x Crystals SILVERWING1 - 60x Crystals SWEETGIRL-9,999 coins, 1x Herrscher of Flamescion trial card, 1x Starless Rift GT7SGQSL3ECX -30x Crystals, 2,888x Asterite, 1x SSS Trial card Option



How lớn redeem Honkai Impact codes?

First off, launch the gameOn the top left of the screen, tap your in-game name to lớn access your profile pageTap on the tài khoản tabCopy one code from the các mục aboveHit the Get button to lớn receive your rewards


How khổng lồ find more Honkai Impact codes?

In order lớn nab more codes, make sure you follow the game’s official Facebook page. The developers usually release new Honkai Impact codes whenever there’s a new update or upcoming event. You can also bookmark our page as we update the existing codes with new ones regularly.

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