Hong jong hyun và nana and yura, hong jong hyun keeps in touch with nana and yura


Hong Jong Hyun sat down with the press for an interview at a coffe in Sogyeok-dong on April 27 lớn promote his movie, Dangerous In-Laws 2. He also talked about the two ladies he was linked before; After School’s Nana, with whom there was a dating rumor, và Girl’s Day Yura, who was his wife on variety show, We Got Married.

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The model-turned-actor stated, “At first, the report went out small, so I didn’t think it was a big khuyến mãi. At the time, I had finished a photo shoot in Singapore and was going khổng lồ return to the country. I got on the airplane và by the time I arrived at South Korea, the news was the most searched thành quả và was receiving a lot of interest. That is when I realized the situation was serious.”

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The dating rumor between Jong Hyun & Nana was pretty big deal during his WGM stints, mainly because of his ‘iron wall’ attitude towards Yura. Obviously bachồng then Yura was the one who worked harder than hyên lớn entertain the audience, while Jong Hyun was mostly shy và unresponsive sầu lớn Yura’s ‘affection’ towards hyên. Fortunately, their giả marriage lasted longer than what I expected before. Still, I wish Jong Hyun could be more affectionate towards Yura, until the kết thúc it was clear they weren’t inkhổng lồ each other at all. I doubt they are even consider each other as friends, the ending of Jjongah couple felt vapid and forced. It’s very different if you compare their ending with Namgoong MinHong Jin Young couple’s ending, this is one couple that I believe sầu is friendly off-screen.

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Despite my conclusion of Jjongah couple’s off-screen relationship, Jong Hyun has revealed that even after the rumor, he remained in contact with Yura, who promised to attkết thúc the premiere of his movie Dangerous in-Laws 2 on April 28. He also is maintaining his friendship with Nana, who was his fellow MC in variety show; Style Log.


Jong Hyun said, “Right after the dating rumor và before the recording for MBC‘s ‘We Got Married,’ I contacted her first và explained the misunderstanding. The atmosphere when we were recording was not different from the past, either. If there was something, even small, khổng lồ piông chồng on because it was after the dating rumor, it was picked on, but I think those parts were relayed in a fun way.”

Well, hopefully he isn’t lying about this và if this true it’s good to lớn know he’s still in liên hệ with both ladies. Yura seems like a nice bubbly girl, but she’s a very busy idol hence I doubt she will attkết thúc his movie’s premiere. I personally think Jong Hyun & Nana are compatible as a couple, both are super gorgeous and model-like. Rethành viên there’s no smoke without fire, maybe they vày date each other, nevertheless it’s a good thing Jong Hyun is focusing on his acting career, it suits him better.

You can kiểm tra out his new movie; Dangerous in-Laws 2 once it hits theaters on April 29!

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