You probably don’t need to worry about someone hacking your iphone x’s face id with a mask

Researchers hacked Apple"s FaceID authentication on the iPhone in just two minutes


Security researchers attending the annual Blaông chồng Hat hacker convention in Las Vegas have sầu managed to lớn bypass the iPhone FaceID user authentication in just 120 seconds.

The way they did it may well surprise you, but should it worry you as well?

Black Hat?

Blaông xã Hat is always guaranteed to lớn produce some exciting security headlines, and this year’s convention certainly hasn"t disappointed. Everything from a demonstration of how WhatsApp messages can be intercepted & manipulated khổng lồ Microsoft confirming it had paid hackers $4.4 million (£3.6 million) for example. However, for sheer ingenuity & that "WTF" factor, what the researchers from Tencent did is pretty hard to lớn beat.

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What did the researchers do?

The researchers were able to demonstrate that they could bypass the FaceID user authentication and access the iPhone of the victyên in less than 1trăng tròn seconds. To vày so, they needed three things: a pair of spectacles, some tape và, erm, a sleeping or unconscious iPhone user.

The researchers found a flaw in the liveness detection function of the biometric authentication system that is used by Apple for unlocking an iPhone using FaceID. During the session, Threatpost reported, the researchers said that "Liveness detection has become the Achilles’ heel of biometric authentication security as it is to verify if the biometric being captured is an actual measurement from the authorized live person who is present at the time of capture."

This is khổng lồ get around the problem that so many biometric ID systems suffer from with hackers bypassing the authentication with the help of wax hands or 3D-printed heads. It"s clever stuff and will prevent someone from unlocking an iPhone while the owner is asleep, for example.


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Except it doesn"t. Assuming you can follow the hacking process demonstrated by Tencent, which is relatively unlikely in most scenarios. Not that the method isn"t unusual và has that wow-factor, but rather it would be a difficult one lớn pull off in the real world. It would be a lot easier lớn access a TouchID-protected iPhone using the finger of a sleeping victlặng.

All these kinds of hacks require physical access to both the device and the unresponsive sầu owner. Somewhat ironically, I don"t think you need to lớn thua thảm too much sleep over this one.

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How does the FaceID haông xã work?

The researchers discovered that the FaceID liveness process wouldn"t extract full 3D data from the area around the eye if it recognizes the owner is wearing glasses. Instead, it looks for a blaông xã area for the eye with a Trắng point upon it for the iris. So the researchers created a pair of spectacles with Trắng tape covered by blaông chồng tape in the center. A hole in the black tape was allowing the "white point" khổng lồ be visible to FaceID. This is enough to lớn fool FaceID and unloông chồng the iPhone

But it"s also the last time you can use the word "simply" in connection with the haông chồng. Sure, the researchers showed how they placed the "X-glasses" onto a "sleeping" victyên ổn, unlocked the iPhone và managed khổng lồ transfer money using Mobile payment. But you try và vì chưng that in the real world.

It"s not impossible by any means, but it does require a sleeping or unconscious victlặng who happens lớn have an iPhone protected with FaceID và who won"t wake up when you are stuffing a pair of specs onkhổng lồ their face.

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