Gigabyte geforce gtx 950 xtreme gaming review


We nhận xét the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 950 Xtreme Gaming (OC edition). The GTX 950 is an entry-level khổng lồ mainstream graphics thẻ in the Maxwell range of GPUs from Nvidia that sits pretty nicely in the 1080P domain. Gigabyte offers it in the all new Xtreme Gaming edition and that means the cards comes with some nice factory tweaks & a new cooler. Its price is tempting as well at US$ 169.99

The new GeForce GTX 950 is a cut-down version of the GM206 GPU that Nvidia uses in their GTX 960 series. This revised chip has a lower number of shader processors, a 128-bit wide memory bus & thus 2 GB of GDDR5 memory. The sản phẩm has been castrated và stripped of everything that is sexy with the GTX 960/970/980. For the "normal" models you have been able lớn see the memory cut down to lớn 2 GB of memory on these puppies, that memory runs on a 128-bit wide bus, the shader processors have been cut-down lớn 768 Shader/Stream/Cuda cores.

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So yes, this is the value segment we are now reviewing. The 128-bit wide bus sounds lượt thích a nag but the Maxwell GPU architecture makes efficient use of memory màu sắc compression. Maxwell, yes, named after the mathematical physicist. The Maxwell family of GPUs is actually the 10thgeneration of GPU architecture for Nvidia. With several kiến thiết goals in mind (higher performance & lower power consumption) Nvidia was hoping to reach đôi mươi nm by the time their high-end product would be released. It is now năm ngoái and it is abundantly clear that the trăng tròn nmfab nodes are a huge yield mess, as no manufacturer dares khổng lồ use it.Nvidia went with plan B & stuck witha 28 nm process, future products will jump lớn 16 và 14nm, of course. Nvidia has moved forward and today the 4thMaxwell based sản phẩm (GTX 750 was actually the first trial run) is being released as a GM206 based GPU. Armed with voltage, power & load limiters, Nvidia these days can harvest massive performance out of chips when you think about it.Today is about the GeForceGTX950 range of performance.

The base clock tốc độ of a reference GeForce GTX 950 is 1024MHz. The typical boost clock speed is 1188MHz, the memory clocks in at an effective data-rate of 6.6 Gbps.The GPU used thus is still on 28 nm.

ModelGeForce GTX 980GeForce GTX 970GeForce GTX 960GeForce GTX 950
CUDA cores204816641024768
Texture Units1281046448
Raster Devices64643232
Memory Bus256-bit256-bit128-bit128-bit
Amount of memory4 GB GDDR53.5 GB GDDR5 (effective)2 / 4 GB GDDR52 GB GDDR5
Memory Bandwidth224GB/s224GB/s112 GB/s105 GB/s

Gigabyte shipped out their new Xtreme Gaming series, a hàng hóa that offers good value for money yet now with improved cooling and very high default clock frequencies. It"ll tick all the right boxes aside from maybe a memory limitation at 2GB, especially now with 3GB/4GB becoming the norm. The Xtreme Gamingmodels look lovely, it is a very quiet product series và operates under the 65 Degrees C range under full GPU stress. Despite the low GPU temps, these cards are factory overclocked at some impressive frequencies as well. The chip core clock frequency for the reference products is mix at 1024MHz, the dynamic boost clock can go up-to 1188MHz. The memory clocks in at 6.6 Gbps. For the Xtreme Gamingmodel you will get 1203 MHz on the bộ vi xử lý core out of the box with a 1405 MHz boost frequency. The memory is clocked from the reference 6.6 Gbps towards 7.0 gbps as well. With a dark design và dual slot cooler, the GeForce GTX 950 will get all the cooling it needs, và the noise levels are low overall as well.

Have a peek as to lớn what we"ll benchmark in this review, meet the GeForce GTX 950 with WINDFORCE 2X cooling and head onwards khổng lồ the next page.

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