Genos has quickly become one of One Punch Man"s most beloved character, but there"s a lot fans don"t know about the cyborg.


The shonen genre has become one of the most prominent & popular forms of nội dung with anime & it’s exciting how these shows have become savvier with time. The shonen genre is so well established that it’s not uncommon for many of these anime to also be parodies that are able lớn perfectly blend together the kích hoạt and comedy genres.

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One-Punch Man is a sublime example of this, both in terms of fight scenes & characters. Genos, a cyborg, has quickly become one of the anime’s most beloved characters, but there’s a lot about the nhân vật that is just bizarre.


Genos is a very powerful anh hùng due khổng lồ his architecture, but he"s also become such a competent fighter because he pays attention in battle và takes notes on what he"s learned. These musings are recorded in diaries and it"s a humanizing trait for Genos that"s mostly played for laughs since these journals contain more frivolous information than anything that"s helpful.

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However, with all of the powerful technology inside of Genos it seems lượt thích he could just retain this information to lớn a hard drive or some internal memory unit to recall at a moment"s notice. Tangible diaries seem highly impractical.


The whole fact that Genos eats at all opens a whole can of worms because nearly every part of the cyborg is mechanized. It"s established that Genos doesn"t require food, but Dr. Kuseno programmed him to lớn be able to vày so as a way for Genos to lớn experience basic human joys.

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This is a nice detail, but it also makes sardines in oil seem extremely underwhelming và depressing. It’s a choice that speaks more to lớn Genos" robotic side than human nature. This seems like something that an individual without a taste palate would consume.


Genos is an incredibly powerful hero, but the humble nature he applies to his strength makes the character even more appealing. Genos" strength has seen him quickly rise through the rankings of the hero Association, reaching all the way to lớn Rank 14 in the S-Class. The hero Association makes a big giảm giá out of how Genos is the first new hero to reach S-Rank in two years. However, the bonus chapter, "Weapon" that focuses on Metal Bat shows that he became a S-Rank anh hùng a year before Genos does.

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One-Punch Man is an anime that covers vast ranges of power và just when it seems like the strongest individual has been encountered, there will be someone even more ridiculous that comes around. It’s common practice for strong heroes khổng lồ be unable khổng lồ properly read an opponent’s energy màn chơi as a way lớn illustrate just how dangerous they are. This happens khổng lồ Genos on occasion, like in his fight against Psykorochi. The issue here is that Genos is able to lớn hold his own against Psykorochi later, which makes it seem like this energy level wouldn’t be beyond his comprehension.

One of the benefits of being a cyborg is that Genos is able to lớn frequently upgrade the tech that fuels his body or outright replaces parts of himself in some situations. Genos has a number of different sets of arms, each with various abilities & different strengths, a prime example behind the arms that he equips when he handles the meteor that"s headed towards the Earth. These different arms are powerful, but impractical. It seems like they could be condensed so Genos has less baggage lớn worry about and he can optimize his equipment.

There"s no question that Genos is much more driven than Saitama và he prioritizes training over fun & games. However, the name of Genos" signature move is Machine Gun Blow, which also happens to lớn be the name of an attack from the Street Fighter series. This could be a coincidence, but with the prevalence of video clip games in the series, it seems intentional. Therefore, Genos should be all over the idea of kicking back & playing some fighting games with friends like King, but it hasn"t happened.

Genos is a highly capable individual & his cyborg status allows him lớn exceed beyond the standard limitations of humans. A lot of giải pháp công nghệ goes into Genos & while the character is incredibly swift và agile, he also surely weighs a lot. As a result, it"s been shown that Genos is too heavy to swim. Practically, this makes sense, but Dr. Kuseno has conquered such other obstacles in Genos that this one seems very solvable. Motors or jets could be incorporated into Genos và it often already seems like Genos defies gravity, despite his weight.

One-Punch Man is a series that operates in stereotypes and while the cast is not devoid of depth và character development, they"re fairly simple individuals for the most part. That being said, both the One-Punch Man anime & accompanying materials, lượt thích One-Punch Man: nhân vật Encyclopedia, offer up brief likes và dislikes of the characters. One of Genos" few dislikes are complicated electronics, which seems almost like a joke, since he himself is complicated electronics. Perhaps it makes Genos think of his origins in a way that makes him uncomfortable, but he should have an affinity for this sort of thing.

Genos is a cyborg, but Dr. Kuseno has done amazing work with his construction & Genos has many features & skills that go beyond the standard cyborg. Kuseno has taken special efforts lớn make Genos seem as human as possible in certain areas & still able lớn appreciate life"s joys. Accordingly, Kuseno would be able lớn give Genos realistic tears, or no tears at all for that matter, but the fact that Genos cries oil feels more lượt thích an easy visual gag than something that makes sense for the character.

One-Punch Man contains some fantastic kích hoạt sequences that show unbelievable powers clash against each other, but it"s also a series that caters towards comedy and has a great sense of humor. One of the better examples of this is how One-Punch Man takes someone as powerful as Genos và then domesticates him. Genos has a series of "housework arms," which are all designed for menial household chores lượt thích doing the dishes or peeling vegetables. These lead to some amusing visuals, but why Genos would actually have these available makes no sense.

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