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The Gear 360 has evolved lớn let you record in 4K or broadcast live, và then make it your own with the Gear 360 app. & with the Gear 360"s smaller kích cỡ and redesigned, easy-to-grip body, memories aren"t the only thing you"ll want lớn hold onto.

4K 360 video

Capture life in high-definition

Easily capture a full 360˚ view of the world around you as đoạn phim or photo with the Gear 360 (2017). With real 4K đoạn clip capabilities, your videos and images will be crisp, clear, and high-quality, so the nội dung you create & moments you record will be just as vivid, years down the road.

*There may be certain blind spots & double images of the images or videos created by Gear 360 (2017). Please refer to lớn the manual before use.

Go live with Gear 360

Live broadcast moments you want to tóm tắt with family và friends, whether it"s a special sự kiện or just a look into your day-to-day activities. It"s simple to set up: pair Gear 360 (2017) with your smartphone or PC, choose a platform khổng lồ stream to, and provide a real-time peek into your life.

*Live Broadcast resolution is 1920 x 960 và requires Nougat OS.*This feature may not be available depending on the sản phẩm điện thoại device, OS, or service region.*The bandwidth supported by the device may vary depending on the region or service provider.

Easily shoot và share

Add a personal touch to your 360 content. The Gear 360 phầm mềm allows you khổng lồ switch up the view in a few taps, with multiple modes lớn choose from. Then, when you"re ready lớn debut your new work, it"s simple to convert 360 content into a standard đoạn clip or photo format to upload wherever your audience is.

Change the view

You don"t need a special lens khổng lồ make your nội dung unique. Choose from five viewing modes in the Gear 360 phầm mềm to easily turn your đoạn clip or photo into a mind-bending masterpiece.

360° viewStretched viewRound viewDual viewPanoramic view

Go forth & record

The Gear 360 (2017) is made to lớn catch the action all around you, & its sphere shape và dual cameras make that easy. So when you"re in the middle of an adventure, it"s a breeze khổng lồ capture the moment in its entirety.

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An image of the Gear 360 (2017) from the đứng top that rotates lớn a front view, then a side view, then drops into a hand as you scroll.

Handles well

When you"re in the middle of recording, the last thing you want is a tired hand from holding the camera. The Gear 360 (2017) is smaller in kích cỡ and a lighter weight—clocking in at just 130 g—so you don"t have to lớn worry. Just hold on tight và steady with the grip, which also serves as a stand, or easily attach it khổng lồ a tripod or mount.

Record more, for longer

Catch every second with the long battery capacity of Gear 360 (2017), và have the space to lớn record it all by inserting a micro SD thẻ (up lớn 256GB). There"s a lot of world khổng lồ see, don"t let anything get in the way of your exploring.

*Up khổng lồ 130-minute battery capacity when recording 2560x1280

What"s compatible

We"ve expanded our horizons as much as yours with the new Gear 360 (2017). Record, live stream, and share with a wide range of devices—from smartphones & Gear VR to PCs.

Mobile DeviceGear 360PC
A three-quarter view from the left of a closed laptop, the Gear 360 (2017), and the Galaxy S8.

*Android & iOS devices require a mobile app, và PCs & Macs require the installation of software to lớn work with the Gear 360 (2017).*You may only sync with a personal computer that originally incorporates USB port A type.*Compatible devices include Galaxy S8, S8+ S7, S7 edge, Note5, S6 edge+, S6, S6 edge, A5/A7(2017) running game android 5.0 or later, and iPhone 7, 7+, 6S, 6S+, SE running quả táo 10.0 or later. (There are functional limitations when using with quả táo devices.)*Availability of features may differ depending on the sản phẩm điện thoại device, OS version, and region.*Please visit the tư vấn section of for more information.

Open up new worlds

The Gear 360 (2017) is designed to change the way you document your everyday và share it with the world. Use it with the Galaxy S8 or S8+ to lớn live stream special moments, big or small, or edit them to keep only the best parts. Then be transported back to lớn the scene with the Gear VR and Galaxy S8 or S8+. Break down the barriers in your world with the Galaxy S8 or S8+, Gear VR, và of course, the Gear 360 (2017).

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Camera(360˚ Dual Lens)

Video - up lớn 4096x2048 (24fps)Still - up khổng lồ 15M (5472x2736)

Recording time

Up lớn 130 mins(2560 x 1280 / 30fps)

OS Convergence

Mobile - Android, iOSPC - Windows, Mac


MicroSD thẻ (Up to 256GB)


360° views from Gear 360

Explore the world from every angle with these 4K videos và photos captured with the Gear 360.


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