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For those of you who are new lớn this online FPS game, it will be difficult to lớn choose between different types of guns and guns in the Legendary inventory.Quý khách hàng vẫn xem: Tải gas garena

Shooting strategy game Campaign Legend has appeared quite a long time ago but still retain the attraction khổng lồ the community of players. For those of you who are new lớn this online FPS game, it will be difficult khổng lồ choose between different types of guns và guns in the Legendary inventory. In the article below, will introduce to you about this information offline.

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1. How many guns in the Legendary Campaign?

The answer is a lot, the guns in the Game of Legends Campaign are divided into lớn many types. When you cliông xã on the Warehouse button at the main screen, you will see the following four types:


Cliông xã the Warehouse button to view the character"s entire gun

And for each type of gun, there is color (Trắng, xanh và purple), accompanying letters, such as models A, B and C. When we first start the game, we will be given 1 or more C-types. So why split into lớn 3 levels A, B and C? What is the difference?

Gun C can only gain a maximum of 1 moon - gun màn chơi.Guns A & B will get 3 moon.In short, if the same gun type, the svào và weak order will be A> B> C.

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If you own a Class C gun, it can still be raised lớn purple in the following order:

The first is a 1-star Trắng gun, raised khổng lồ a maximum of level 10.After that, life will become a 2-star Lam gun.And continuing lớn raise up khổng lồ 20 will be able to lớn become a 3-star pistol (lv30), 4 star (lv40) và 5 stars (lv50).By the time it has reached 5 stars, the pistol can be turned into a purple gun with a cấp độ of 1 moon, up khổng lồ màn chơi 60.

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Go with guns, accessories like:

Viewfinder increased network.Gun toàn thân increases firing speed.Bullet boxes increase the number of bullets.Hot gun increases accuracy.Bullets increase penetration, damage.Firearms help reduce jerks, don"t increase them!

2. The gun details table, gun color & maximum màn chơi of the gun:

You can summarize the guns according lớn the following brief table:

Firearm Gun color Level gun maximum 1 star White 10 2 Stars Luc trăng tròn 3 stars Lam 30 4 stars Lam 40 5 stars Lam 45 1 moon Purple 50 2 moon Purple 55 3 moon Purple 60

How khổng lồ upgrade guns, gun life & find parts, we will update in another article.Good luck!

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