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We want Epic Games to lớn be a safe and fun place for you to play games or hang with your friends. We need your help lớn keep it that way.The Epic Terms of Service and other agreements contain rules that apply to lớn your use of Epic’s services, so some of these rules may look familiar. But Epic offers so many ways to interact with others through its games, services, and environments that more explanation of our community standards is helpful.Our Community Rules apply to all users of Epic’s games, services, and environments. These standards are a guide on how you should interact when inside the Epic Games ecosystem. We included some specific examples below, but just because something isn’t specifically called out below doesn’t mean it’s OK.Following the rules is not super hard. If you violate these rules, however, it can result in kích hoạt against your tài khoản all the way up lớn a permanent ban.

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Community Rules

Personal Information

You’re never allowed to chia sẻ other people’s personal information other than display names, and we strongly encourage you not to nội dung yours. Sharing or threatening to mô tả someone’s alternate trương mục names, real-world location, real name, etc. Is not allowed.

Intolerance and Discrimination

Epic does not tolerate any size of hate or discrimination.The Epic ecosystem welcomes diversity in race, ethnicity, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, national origin, and other groups. Don’t demean, marginalize, use hateful language against, or belittle other users or groups.

Bullying & Harassment

Respect other people - when chatting, playing or creating. Interacting with others in a way that is predatory, threatening, intimidating, lewd, demeaning, derogatory, invasive of privacy, or abusive is against the rules.Trying lớn make someone else feel worse so you feel better doesn’t work - It is much easier, and more fun, lớn enjoy the experience together!


Don’t impersonate other players, streamers, celebrities, government officials, Epic employees, or anyone else. & don’t take credit for another player or entity’s creation. Pretending lớn be someone else in order to deceive or defraud others is not okay.

Cheating & Trolling

Play fairly and within the rules of the game. Don’t cheat, grief, team, or exploit bugs & glitches. Don’t promote or advertise known cheats, bugs, or exploits. Find an exploit? Report it.

Dangerous or Illegal Activities

Don’t participate in or encourage illegal or dangerous activities within the community, including gambling, illegal drug use, phishing, human trafficking, prostitution, doxing, swatting, or sharing content that glorifies or incites violence. Threats of harm khổng lồ yourself or others are taken seriously—don’t make them, especially as a joke. If you see something that puts other players at risk, use in-game reporting (Fortnite, Rocket League) or let our player tư vấn team know.

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Scams & Deceptive Practices

Do not take advantage of fellow players. Scams or deceptive practices are prohibited, including seeking account information, và buying or selling accounts or personal information.

Inappropriate Content

Content, communications, & activity in the Epic ecosystem shouldn’t keep others from having positive experiences. All content must follow the nội dung Guidelines.


The type of action we’ll take for a particular violation of these rules is determined on a case-by-case basis. We’ll look at severity, whether you’re a repeat offender, and other factors. Kích hoạt taken can be anything from a warning for less severe offenses, all the way up to lớn a permanent tài khoản ban.If your account is permanently banned, you may thua kém all rights lớn games, virtual items, account balances, or other items that you may have earned or purchased. If you have multiple accounts, we may take action against all of your accounts.

Player Reporting

We are all a part of this community, & it is up lớn us khổng lồ keep it friendly, fun, and không tính tiền of negativity.If you encounter a player not respecting the Community Rules, content Guidelines, and other players, you can report them via in-game reporting. We will take action against players we observe not following the Community Rules & escalate based upon the offense.If you meet someone you don’t lượt thích but aren’t violating the Community Rules, you can block the person.

Safety and Security

Keep account information safe & private. Giving access to your trương mục puts you at risk. If something seems suspicious or too good khổng lồ be true, it probably is. There’s no such thing as free V-Bucks. Vì not nói qua your tài khoản information or the account information of others.When it comes khổng lồ safety within the Epic ecosystem and staying secure we believe in providing you all the tools necessary. You can find a full mix of all the things you can vì chưng to better protect yourself and what we currently vì to keep you safe in our FAQ.If you are curious about Parental Controls và how you can moderate your child’s playtime or interactions within Epic Games, head over to our Parental Control hub within trương mục management.

The Epic Community Rules are not final and may change over time, so make sure you kiểm tra back regularly to lớn stay up lớn date. “But, I didn’t know…” is not a good excuse. We’re all here lớn have fun, create và enjoy great games!In addition to lớn our Community Rules, check out these additional resources:

Thank you for being a part of the Epic community and doing your part khổng lồ maintain a safe & fun space for everyone.

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