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As shutdown orders extkết thúc indefinitely, online shopping has become a lifeline for people forced khổng lồ avoid the outside world. Often times opting khổng lồ shop with a mega corporation lượt thích Amazon, Walmart or Target is the path of least resistance, but there are plenty of reasons khổng lồ patronize an alternative.

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There are the ethical questions currently swirling around things like worker safety, as COVID-19 takes a toll on the often low-paid essential workers who keep these businesses running. It’s also arguably now more important than ever lớn tư vấn small and local businesses, & more & more brick & mortars announce that they simply won’t be able lớn rebound after the disastrous economic effects of the shutdown.

Not every company listed below is a small business (Chewy, for example, is owned by pet supply giant PetSmart), but the below danh sách compiled by our editorial team should offer a good variety to lớn help you mix up your online shopping.


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Thrive Market: Organic & non-GMO brands of food, home và beauty products, including healthy food, clean beauty and bath products, safe supplements và non-toxic trang chính cleaner.

Great for: Stocking up on healthier grocery items for the pantry & other household needs. 

Grove Collaborative: Eco-friendly trang chính essentials, including cleaners, personal care, bath, baby/kid và pet products.

Great for: Stocking up on concentrated cleaners that reduce plastic waste & save sầu trips lớn the store. 

Boxed: Online wholesale shopping on groceries, household products and health supplies.

Great for: An online alternative to lớn Costteo & Sam’s Club for items you lượt thích to buy in bulk. (T.P.. is often out-of-stock though!) Grocery & dry goods items, focused on nuts & snacks

Great for: Nuts, seeds, snacks, gluten-free flours, yeast, ceremonial-grade matphụ vương powder, và hard-to-find spices.

Pet Supplies

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Chewy: Online pet store offering food, toys, litter & other pet needs, including both over-the-counter medicine & prescriptions.

Great for: High-quality foods and treats & skipping the vet for prescription refills.

The Farmer’s Dog: All-natural dog food delivery subscription service. Food is proportioned for your dog and delivered lớn your door.

Great for: Fresh food delivery & those who want a “set it and forget it” option for buying dog food.

Beauty/Baby Supplies

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The Honest Company: Ethical baby & beauty supply company.

Great for: Diapers, baby needs & cruelty-free beauty, bath and body toàn thân products. 

Ulta: Beauty supply superstore offering ship-to-trang chính và curbside pickup.

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Great for: Makeup for your Zoom meetings; skincare products for all that indoor air you’re now living in. 

Sephora: Online beauty store offering direct shipping.

Great for: Makeup, skincare and self-care items, as well as gift sets for someone who needs a boost.

Glossier: Online beauty br& that’s skin-first, makeup second.

Great for: Skincare, toàn thân & makeup.

Books và Entertainment

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Bookcửa hà This newly launched offering is designed specifically khổng lồ tư vấn independent bookstores in a post-Amazon age. You can browse a wealth of titles & designate the specific store you want to lớn support & they’ll get all the profits. With so many bookstores struggling to lớn stay afloat well before the COVID pandemic, this could be Bookshop’s moment.

Great for: Supporting independent bookstores while shopping online. 

Powell’s: For book lovers, few things beat stepping foot inside this Portl& mecca. Until things open baông chồng up, online shopping is the next best thing.

Great for: Used books galore. 

Amoetía Records: For psychical music releases, going straight to the label is often your best bet. Record stores are a great option, too. California’s Amoeba is one of the greachạy thử small music chains in the world, but it’s among those with an uncertain post-COVID future, having recently announced the expected closure of its Hollywood location.

Great for: New và used vinyl, CDs & books. 

Forbidden Planet: This Manhatchảy mainstay has become a go-lớn for mainstream and indie comics lovers alượt thích. The store is one of countless currently struggling to stay afloat during the COVID crisis. They’ve sầu started a GoFundMe, but better yet, go order some comics.

Great for: Comics, from superanh hùng khổng lồ super indie. 

Trident Bookstore: This gem of a Boston bookstore survived a fire and finals season, so you know it’s a special one. Its selling books all over the United States right now (và if you’re in Boston, it’ll add in brunch too).

Great for: Well-known titles as well as undercover ones. Also, pro tip: You can purchase a “creative add-on” in your package like a surprise puzzle or a bundle of greeting cards, depending on availability. 


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Los Angeles Apparel: This site is selling three-paông xã face masks in a variety of colors, và all purchases help fund their ability lớn donate masks to lớn essential services & provide living wages.

Great for: A comfortable cốt tông mask that also does good. Fashionable face masks sold direct khổng lồ consumer with miễn phí shipping.

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Great for: Stymenu, reusable comfort. 

Tiny pleasures và knick-knacks

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The Little Market: This nonprofit sells fair-trade goods made by people in need, from individuals with disabilities to lớn women transitioning out of homelessness.

Great for: Candles, tote bags, soaps & sugar scrubs. 

Uncomtháng Goods: Unique gifts, decor, games & more

Great for: Unusual items lớn break your quarantine boredom, especially kids’ crafts & toys for parents whose children have sầu now tired of every toy in the house.

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