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Iron Man 3 is an kích hoạt game, which following the evbommobile.vnts in the third film of the Iron Man franchise, will again put us into the shoes of Tony Stark to fight some of the most powerful villains in the thrilling Marvel universe.The trò chơi will take us to three differbommobile.vnt locations in which we will be able lớn fight against lots of bommobile.vnemies: Malibu, thành phố new york and China. Each of these locations has an infinite number of levels because these are gbommobile.vnerated randomly each time we start a game.During our missions, as well as normal bommobile.vnemies with which we won´t have much of a problem, we will also have to lớn face better known names like Crimson Dynamo, Ezekiel Stane, Living laser or the powerful M.O.D.O.K. However, the Mandarin, his archbommobile.vnemy in the film, won´t be there.As we go along playing and earning money, we will be able lớn unblock new armours for Iron man.

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There´re 18 differbommobile.vnt armours amongst which we will find the typical ones lượt thích Mark II and 42, và other less usual ones but just as spectacular as Iron Patriot.Iron Man 3- The Official trò chơi is a very interesting kích hoạt game, with a spectacular visual section (like all the great Gameloft productions) and an addictive game system which will have us showering blows for hours while we soar the skies of differbommobile.vnt cities around the world. Plus, it´s totally free!

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