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Illusion is a fun light-weight game for 2-5 players from Wolfgang Warsch the designer of The Mind! It"s a simple enough game. Players will need to lớn arrange cards in sequential order of how much of a given color is visible on the card. The twist? Each thẻ is a visual-trick designed lớn mess with your senses.


On your turn you can add a card lớn the row if you think you"ve sầu got it right, or if you think a friend has made a mistake you can điện thoại tư vấn them out và challenge their solution!

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Overview of Illusion!



This is a fantastic game. My numero uno small game.

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- Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower


Illusion relies solely on your powers of observation & guesstimation, making it a fun challenge.

- Kotaku, Best Games for a Party


Welcome to a realm of lies & mystery. makes incredibly simple games, and Illusion is one of them.

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- Shut Up và Sit Down


I have sầu introduced this game khổng lồ loads of people but especially to lớn people new khổng lồ modern games. It is really easy khổng lồ teach, piông xã up understvà and buy!

- Opinionated Gamers


Illusion feels lượt thích part pattern recognition, part puzzle, và part visual perception. However you categorize it, it’s a lot of fun.

- Geeks Under Grace

Illusion is a sure-fire hit for anyone who's willing khổng lồ play a game.

- Board trò chơi Barrage

Additional information

WeightDimensionsPlayer CountTimeAge
2.5 lbs
8 x 1 x 5 in


15 min


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