FAQ for bommobile.vn

What is bommobile.vn?

bommobile.vn is a social networking ứng dụng that allows up lớn eight people lớn đoạn phim chat at once in a “room.” Users can have infinite rooms và easily float between rooms. Users receive a notification when friends open the app & can join chats with friends (and friends of friends).

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How bởi vì I tải về bommobile.vn?

Housecác buổi tiệc nhỏ is available on iOS, Android, Mac, PC, & as a Google Chrome extension.

What about the hacking rumors about bommobile.vn, is my data safe?

Housebuổi tiệc nhỏ is secure. There have sầu been no data breaches & no exposure of customer data or third-tiệc ngọt accounts.You can read our full statement on the topic khổng lồ learn more.

How vày I add friends in bommobile.vn?

The plus ibé in the top right corner allows you to lớn find your contacts, & group multiple people together into lớn a ‘bommobile.vn’ for group calls. Or, you can tap the smiley face in the top left và cliông xã on Add Friends.


How vày I play games with friends in bommobile.vn?

Cliông chồng on the dice inhỏ on the top right khổng lồ play the games available on bommobile.vn Heads Up!, Trivia, Quichồng Draw, & Chips và Guac!

Tap a game & you’ll then be asked to add friends khổng lồ play with you. Wait for them to connect, then it’s game on!

How bởi vì I invite friends to bommobile.vn?

Tap the plus button in the top right to Invite New Friends or tap on the smiley in the top left & tap Add Friends. If you want khổng lồ add friends from your Address Book, you can tap Add from Contacts. We’ll double kiểm tra that you want khổng lồ upload your Contacts to find your friends. You can also connect khổng lồ Facebook khổng lồ add your Facebook friends if you want to. If you want khổng lồ add friends from Snapchat, you can tap Add from Snapchat khổng lồ share your Profile Link lớn your Snap Story.

How do I manage my Housebuổi tiệc nhỏ notifications?

Tap on the smiley, hit manage notifications, and then you can toggle off or on both ‘in the house’ và specific friover notifications.

How bởi I sneak inlớn Housetiệc nhỏ without my contacts knowing?

On iOS và Android, hold down the phầm mềm ibé khổng lồ ‘Sneak inlớn the House’.This allows users lớn open and use Housetiệc ngọt without alerting their contacts. Additionally if you’re on sản phẩm điện thoại you can update your preferences khổng lồ say “never send notification when I open bommobile.vn” if you wish!

How vì I report someone for bullying in bommobile.vn?

To report this person, tap their name, then tap the “Friends” button và choose “Report” for “Report or Block”.

You can also remove sầu them as a friover by tapping the “Unfriend” button. Rethành viên you can always lock your tiệc nhỏ khổng lồ keep out unwanted guests, until you or someone else in the room unlocks it!

If you have sầu any questions on our Privacy Policy or the bommobile.vn Guidelines visit the link included to learn more!

Please liên hệ us at data-requests
tư vấn.bommobile.vn if you have any questions about our Privacy Policy.

Fortnite Mode

What is Fortnite Mode?

Fortnite Mode lets you cast your tiệc nhỏ into Fortnite so you can bring your friends with you while you play. You opt in lớn this feature by linking your bommobile.vn và Epic Games accounts on the Housebuổi tiệc ngọt tiện ích.

Who can join my buổi tiệc ngọt in bommobile.vn?

Only your Housetiệc ngọt friends, và the friends of anyone in your bommobile.vn room, can join your Clip chat.

If I use this feature, who can see my video?

Only people in your Housebuổi tiệc ngọt “room” can see you on đoạn Clip within the bommobile.vn tiện ích. Once you open Fortnite, you can still only see the video of other people in the bommobile.vn room.

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If you are in a Clip chat with a participant who is recording or streaming (e.g. to lớn YouTube or Twitch), you may appear in their stream or đoạn Clip content.

How does audio work in Fortnite Mode?

If you cast your Housecác buổi party video chat into lớn Fortnite, your audio will be controlled by Fortnite. To mute or unmute, use your Fortnite settings.

How vày I blochồng someone that I don’t want in my đoạn phim chat?

It’s easy to block anyone that you don’t want in your video chat.

Within Housebuổi tiệc ngọt, tap on anyone’s face và tap Bloông xã.

If you need to lớn report activity in Housecác buổi tiệc nhỏ, take the following steps:

Select their name from Friover danh mục Select the Settings icon next to lớn their name Select Block / Report Choose Report

You can also remove sầu them as a friover by selecting the “Unfriend” button. You can always lochồng your party to lớn keep out unwanted guests, until you or someone else in the room unlocks it!


Within Fortnite, utilize the Report A Player functionality. mở cửa the settings thực đơn và select Settings>Reporting/Feedback>Report A Player. Within the Report A Player pop up, select your reason for reporting (Offensive Language, Offensive sầu Video, Harassment, etc.). You will also have sầu the option khổng lồ block the player from chat and joining your party. For further assistance, read our Report A Player help article.


What does blocking vị in bommobile.vn?

If you bloông xã someone on Housetiệc ngọt, they will be removed as your friover and they will be unable khổng lồ communicate with you. If you join a buổi tiệc ngọt with a mutual friover of someone you’ve sầu blocked, they could join the tiệc ngọt but neither of you will see or hear each other.

How bởi vì I keep other Housecác buổi tiệc nhỏ friends from joining my room?

While in Housecác buổi party, at the bottom of the screen, you should see a lock inhỏ. Tap it to lớn bloông xã further users from joining your room. You or anyone in your Housecác buổi party room can unloông chồng the room at any time.

Will Housetiệc ngọt đoạn Clip chat be integrated on other gaming platforms?

At the moment, it’s only available for PC and PlayStation (both PS5 & PS4). We will let everyone know if we’re able to support more platforms in the future.

What are the bommobile.vn Community Guidelines?

Read them here.

Why vì I have sầu to lớn have a virtual background when one of my các buổi tiệc nhỏ members is using Fortnite?

When someone in your Housebuổi tiệc nhỏ room turns on Fortnite Mode, everyone in the room will automatically receive a Fortnite-themed as their virtual background. When you see the Clip on Fortnite, you’ll see a zoomed in và cropped frame of the person’s face và their virtual background. This keeps đoạn Clip chats focused on faces và reduces the likelihood of inappropriate content.

How bởi vì I loông chồng my room?

If you want to lớn limit access lớn a room you’re in, you can loông xã it using the loông chồng button screen. You or anyone in your Housecác buổi party room can unlock the room at any time.You can also turn on Private Mode in your settings lớn automatically lock all rooms. You or anyone in your Housetiệc ngọt room have sầu to approve sầu friends before they can join a locked room.

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