Dang it!

"Dang It!" is a simple game, designed to be fast-paced, & suitablefor children as well as adults. It has only a small amount ofstrategy, although card-counting can be very useful.

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One player will start by placing a thẻ face up, và the other playermust play a card that follows either suit or rank. Both continueplaying cards until one cannot follow, which they must announce bysaying "Dang It!" (Feel free to replace with less child-friendlyversions, if you like). The player who put down the last card thenwins the pile.


2 players, & a standard 52-thẻ dechồng. The rules are easily adaptedkhổng lồ 3 or more players, but it works better if you add a second dechồng.Each player will be trying to lớn collect as many cards as possible duringa round, and should keep a pile of the cards they have taken. Thispile will be kept face down, and cannot be examined during a round.

Start a round with a shuffled dechồng. Each player draws one thẻ fromanywhere in the pile. The player with the highest thẻ (Ace is high)takes both cards, & will be the dealer for the first hvà. If tied,draw again, until there is a winner. The winner takes all cards drawn.

Playing a Hand

Each player is dealt five sầu cards, starting with the dealer"s opponent.The dealer plays first, & starts by playing any thẻ face up.Players continue by playing cards in turn, following either suit orrank.

If you have cards remaining in your hand, but cannot follow suit orrank, say "Dang It!". Your opponent then takes all cards in the pile,và starts a new pile by playing any card from their hvà.

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If you put down the last thẻ from your hvà (either on top of youropponent"s thẻ, or by starting a new pile), then the hand is over.Take all of your opponent"s cards, and the card you just put down.You will be the dealer for the next hand.

Winning a Round

A round is over when there are no cards left khổng lồ giảm giá khuyến mãi from the deông chồng.chú ý that the last giảm giá may have fewer than 5 cards in some cases (ifyou needed to lớn break a tie when drawing for first dealer, or if playingwith more than 2 people).

Each player gets 1 point for each card they have sầu collected during theround.You can play either some number of rounds, or to lớn some number of points.


Both draw lớn see who giao dịch the first h&, and blue wins.
Blue giao dịch.
Blue plays the first card.
Yellow follows rank. Blue says "Dang It!". Yellow now wins the 2 cards on the pile.
Yellow leads off, and Blue follows rank.
Yellow follows suit, và Blue follows rank.
Yellow follows suit. Blue can"t follow, và says "Dang It!". Yellow wins all 5 cards in the pile.
Yellow is all out & wins all remaining cards.
Yellow will giảm giá khuyến mãi the next hvà.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

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The graphics make use of the excellent public tên miền clip artavailable from the mở cửa video ArtLibrary, particularly the playing card sets byNicu Buculei.

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