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Want a happy, healthy cat? There’s a science khổng lồ it. Our world renowned veterinary inventor, Dr. Liz Bales discovered that when you meet your cats’ instinctive needs, they are happier, healthier và bad behaviors disappear. And, it’s easy và fun!

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Due to lớn high demand and a faster shipping option, The Indoor Hunting Feeder is now available on Amazon.

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"R.K. Anderson, DVM, the grandfather of veterinary behavior, who passed away in 2012, told me: 'We’re feeding our cats wrong. Cats need to seek out their food; they need lớn hunt for it và then they need khổng lồ kill it multiple times daily. One day someone will put on a thinking cap & come up with a better way.' Perhaps Bales has come up with that better way." — Steve Dale, Veterinary Practice News Jan 2017

"Doc và Phoebe's Feeder is an innovative and effective method to help cats đại bại weight, stimulate exercise and natural hunting behaviors. I have been delighted with the effects on my own cat, who has become an expert indoor hunter!" — Leilani Alvarez, DVM, DACVSMR, Integrative & Rehabilitative Medicine, The Animal Medical Center

“My bengals love the Doc & Phoebe's Feeder! They love playing with them và it’s nice khổng lồ see my boy looking healthy once more. They had mastered the trainer in minutes, & were into full on hiding/hunting by the end of the week. Two very satisfied kitties meaning one happy human. Thank YOU!" — Helen J. From Boston, MA

"The Doc & Phoebe's mice have changed my relationship with my cát for the better. He has been more active & definitely more happy in general. He loves lớn hunt the mice và he enjoys the challenge of finding where I hide them every day. He loves his mice và so vì I!" — Nina L. From North Carolina

“The behavior pattern is written in the genes of the animal, which means that this is a behavioral need.”

“Cats become obese, lazy, anxious and even destructive or sick in the absence of the ability lớn hunt and interact with their food.”

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