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I know I get flamed by everyone for not going tank galio, but full AP.. galio just fits my play style better. I’ve sầu recently found a build I lượt thích & I would like lớn know if I could improve sầu it if I’m really just trying to lớn do lots of damage. Doran’s Ring -> rod of ages -> banshees veil -> merc treads -> deathcap -> some tank thành quả if the game lasts 40+ minutes.

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Everything on galio is situational because he has almost no data to lớn go off of. My personal opinion though is to lớn go proto lớn first thành phầm since you want the cdr asap into lớn ludens echo for the damage & cdr. Also bring sorcery secondary w/ transedence. RoA isn’t needed on galio anymore because he never runs out of mana.

Also since galio by nature is naturally tanky w/ his W and aftershoông chồng, unless teams are ap/ad heavy you won’t need to build tank items like banshee’s veil/abyssal mask/armor items.

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I used lớn play a lot of lichbane into rabbadons, very squishy but might fit your ap playstyle :) And building rod of ages is sort of no longer what i would consider full ap xd

Who flames you for going ap galio? :o

My friends, who I play almost exclusively with lmao. They genuinely get upphối about what I vày as galio & consistently tell me that I should build only tank, go top galio, và build boots first. They are an interesting bunch

Im finding success (D4 elo) with Protobelt + ZH + Banshees. I also play with Electrocute, since w damage reduction scales so well with APhường and aftershoông chồng would be an overkill. Sadly, you cant blind pick galio, just piông xã him against 2 + magic damage dealers in the enemy team.

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Runes: Electroxinh đẹp, sudden impact - ghost poro + ingenous hunter. + 5%CDR + stopwatch

I’m in bronze 1 right now & no one knows my abilities. I almost get a không tính phí kill màn chơi 3 if I don’t show them my E range. I’ve sầu actually started going soulstealer first nhà cửa và I’ve sầu been able lớn get to 25 stacks easily if I win lane. I’m sure if I hit gold I won’t be able to insta lochồng galio và get away with it.

I play hyên ổn in d3/d2 every single game (1400 galio games this season, 10 malphite:) ) You can definitely instaloông xã galio every game if you take aftershock:), the problem is electrodễ thương galio only works well into certain comps :)


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