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Samsung Galaxy cảnh báo 6 is possibly gaining most expectation among upcoming smartphones later this year. With its popularity, we definitely need lớn take a look at it.

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Although Galaxy S7 và Galaxy S7 Edge have gained great popularity across the world, Galaxy lưu ý 6 is expected lớn be having good momentum in future phone market after its release, for it would be equipped with better specs and features, reputedly even with unprecedented 8GB RAM.

Samsung has released Galaxy cảnh báo 8 in 2017. If you want to keep up to lớn date with cảnh báo 8, please check out the following articles concerning Samsung Galaxy note 8:

There are hot rumors and leaks around the internet. If you are interested in more speculations, you could take a look at the followings.


Release Date

There are some disputes about when Galaxy lưu ý 6 will be released. Therefore, it"s difficult in saying its release date for certain. According to Korean media, Galaxy lưu ý 6 will be announced in mid-July. However, as still remains skeptical, we can check out the Samsung Galaxy cảnh báo Series release date trend and deduce when it will take place.

Galaxy cảnh báo 1: Release on September 2011

Galaxy chú ý 2: Release on August 29, 2012

Galaxy cảnh báo 3: Release on September 25, 2013

Galaxy cảnh báo 4: Release on October 17, 2014

Galaxy cảnh báo 5: Release on August 21, 2015

According to the trend, we assume that Galaxy chú ý 6 will be released in around September this year, sooner or later. Meanwhile, TechRadar cited a source within one of UK’s major network operators & said that Samsung will not be launching the next edge+ handset in the UK but will bring the Galaxy lưu ý lineup back in August with the Galaxy note 6. However, Samsung has no official bình luận on any speculations.

New Features

As nothing is official yet, there are many hot rumors concerning Galaxy cảnh báo 6. First of all, Galaxy lưu ý 6 is said to lớn have a 6-inch 4K/UHD display screen, and then, it will have 6 GB or even 8 GB RAM and an internal storage of 256 GB with UFS 2.0. Last but not least, it will line up with the latest android N.



It is rumored that Samsung chú ý 6 Series will have one with Snapdragon 820 SoC in western market as well as the other with Exynos 8890 in East Asia. However, truyền thông in china recently reported that it will have Snapdragon 823 which is 2.6 GHz Quad bộ vi xử lý core processor. Qualcomm SD823 is expected khổng lồ launch soon this year. Galaxy chú ý 6 is rumored to lớn have 6GB RAM, even support RAM up to 8GB, which means it’s going to bring some major upgrades to lớn 820 SoC in terms of performance as well as battery life.


Talking about Samsung chú ý 6 storage, it will come with 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB storage options. According to lớn some leaks, there will even be 256 GB RAM with UFS 2.0. Having an option lớn increase device capacity will always be helpful for us to bởi vì more things. This year Samsung has addressed these issues & now we have external micro SD card support for Galaxy S7. Galaxy cảnh báo 6 is believed to lớn have one as well.


It is said that Samsung Galaxy lưu ý 6 will have a 6-inch flexible screen. It is really rare in the phone market. As is known to us, Galaxy chú ý 5 has a 5.7-inch QHD display, whose pixel density is up to 618ppi. In fact, we tend lớn believe that lưu ý 6 will be having the same screen as cảnh báo 5. However, given that Galaxy cảnh báo 6 would have a 4000 mAh battery power, it is perhaps because of more power consumption caused by a bigger screen.

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One point we know for certain is that cảnh báo 6 will be having an S Pen, moreover a phone base for connection lớn turn into a micro laptop.

In addition, some rumors also suggest that it will also have a rounded screen much like the ones that we have in the Galaxy Edge series. Now, confusion still remains about the fact that if Samsung Galaxy cảnh báo 6 itself comes with curved screen what about the edge series.



For the battery specs of upcoming Galaxy cảnh báo 6, it will have a 4000 mAh power non-removable battery with a Quick Charging 3.0. Thanks to its fast-charging technology, Galaxy cảnh báo 6 is expected khổng lồ charge 40 % of the battery in just 4 minutes. How amazing would it be? But a lot more is yet lớn be revealed by the company.

Water Resistance

Galaxy cảnh báo 6 is rumored to lớn be water và dust resistant. Galaxy S7 had integrated IP68 dust resistance system và it was water resistant as well, but only up lớn 3 feet in 30 minutes. More or less this resistance power will be kept same for the upcoming devices too.

Camera Spec

The recently launched Galaxy S7 flagship has arrived with 12 MP primary & 5 MP front camera which is downgraded as we compare it to chú ý 5 or Galaxy S6. But in actual you will not find any lack of picture quality as the phone has f/1.8 aperture lens with bigger pixels. Now, talking about cảnh báo 6 camera specs, Samsung is going to lớn launch its best camera phone with note Flagship. Galaxy chú ý 6 is going to have trăng tròn MP primary & 8 MP front camera with upgraded sensors. It is said that Samsung is developing a 1/1.7-inch CMOS sensor equipped with f/1.4 aperture lens of S7 as part of Galaxy cảnh báo 6.


Android 6.0 or apk 7.0 

Perhaps there will be lots of people wondering what operating system Galaxy chú ý 6 will be having. As a matter of fact, the answer is app android 6.0 Marshmallow. If possible, Google will launch a new generation of app android system in this summer, which would be named apk N. Most importantly, from previous cases, Galaxy note series is apt to lớn be equipped with last generation system. Galaxy chú ý 6 would not possibly make a breakthrough khổng lồ this rule. And it is still not officially confirmed yet.


As having such a high performing mobile phone takes lots of effort, price, in fact, doesn’t matter a lot for this kind of device. Galaxy note 6 would cost you a bit more as compared to recently launched Galaxy S7 and lưu ý 5. The price of note 6 would be around 750 to 800 USD.

With the passage of time, there will be more information about Galaxy cảnh báo 6, & we will offer you the latest information at once.

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