Uk filco ninja majestouch

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SpecificationsOne year warrantySpecial edition with front-printed keycap legends for a stealthy lookCherry MX switchesTKL kích thước – 87 keys, US ANSI layoutABS Keycaps, white on blackIncludes USB lớn PS/2 adapter, Keycap Puller và Front-Printed Windows KeysFront-printed windows keys are included.

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Filco Majestouch ninja TKL

Japan’s favourite keyboard, now in stealth mode

This is a truly special variant of the highly popular và acclaimed Majestouch series of keyboards. Solid reliability và a joyful typing experience meet ‘almost blank’ keycaps!

Hiding in plain sight

Each Majestouch ninja TKL comes standard with front-printed keycaps. These legends are only clearly visible lớn the user of this keyboard. When looked at from other angles, the legends disappear from view, giving the appearance and silhouette of blank keycaps. Very much lượt thích a real Ninja, who hides in the shadows.

Genuine Cherry MX Switches

Like all other Filco keyboards, the Filco Majestouch ninja TKL comes with a choice of several types of Genuine Cherry MX switches. Cherry MX switches are the original highly acclaimed và widely popular mechanical keyboard switches rated for 100 million actuations, and celebrated by mechanical keyboard enthusiasts worldwide for setting the standards upon which mechanical keyboards today are made.

Legends never fade

One major benefit of front-printed legends is that no longer are your fingers the scourge of their existence. As no legends are exposed on the đứng top face of the keycaps, you can type away worry-free, và never feel stressed about the legends disappearing with use!

A intermediate from blank keycaps

Users wanting the look of blank keycaps but feeling uneasy about not having legends are sure khổng lồ enjoy the nin-ja TKL. You get an almost blank look, và still have the comfort of legends that are visible khổng lồ you.

Full NKRO Support

The Majestouch nin-ja TKL includes a USB lớn PS/2 converter, allowing full NKRO tư vấn on any computer with a PS/2 keyboard interface. PS/2 benefits from true hardware interrupts, as opposed to USB polling, and every single key pressed is registered in real time.

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On USB, the Majestouch ninja TKL supports 6KRO, which is the limit of the USB specification.

No Ghosting

The PCB contains a diode for each switch, so there is no possibility of ghosting when multiple keys are pressed together.

Included AccessoriesKeycap PullerFront-Printed Windows KeysUSB khổng lồ PS/2 adapterUltimate quality.

When you buy a Filco, you are guaranteed lớn receive a rock solid & reliable keyboard that will be your companion for years lớn come. Each Filco Majestouch nin-ja sold by comes with a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. is the authorised distributor of Filco Keyboards in the Indian market & you are guaranteed to lớn receive a genuine product.

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