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For most CS:GO players, Global Elite is the dream. But there are plenty out there that have abandoned standard CS:GO matchmaking, for a variety of different reasons. Most of these players move over lớn FACEIT in CS:GO. It’s a name you might’ve heard before, but are unaware of what it is. Read on to lớn find out more if this sounds like you.

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How To download FACEIT

FACEIT is easy lớn get up và running for CS:GO. Simply create an tài khoản on the FACEIT website, and tải về the client. You must first links your FACEIT account to your Steam account. With this done, you’ll be able lớn begin a buổi tiệc nhỏ from the client. Then, you’ll be matched up against another team và be connected khổng lồ CS:GO. It’s an extremely similar process to standard matchmaking, only done in another client. The only real negative is that it can take a bit longer khổng lồ find a FACEIT trò chơi than a normal CS:GO competitive match, but this is largely a non-issue.

Ultimately, FACEIT won’t be perfect for every CS:GO player. But if you’re serious about being the best you can be on the server, challenging yourself on FACEIT is an absolute necessity.


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Pros use FACEIT CS:GO matchmaking due to the higher skill ceiling available. Global Elite, the highest rank in CS:GO, equates from anywhere FACEIT màn chơi 6-10. It makes sense that pro players would want to kiểm tra themselves at the highest cấp độ possible, and only FACEIT allows for that. It doesn’t stop there though – the ELO system in FACEIT means that even the level 10s will be separated further, meaning the best will only play the best.

The main difference you will notice is at the beginning of every match. In CS:GO, starting on T or CT side can be a massive advantage or disadvantage depending on the map. In normal matchmaking, this is totally random but can determine the outcome of the entire game. Not in FACEIT. Here, both teams take part in a knife round. The winner of the knife round gets to pick what side they begin on, making it a much fairer playing field overall. Another huge difference is that when you have a leaver, they’ll be replaced by a bot.

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