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great website for downloading all your favorite games. (my favorite n64 game is super mario 64)Emuparadise is very safe

Very good website for not just roms, but you can get video game soundtracks và comic scans, gaming magazine scans, and guide books too. There's even a very advanced tìm kiếm engine for games.

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Great rom, ISO, & emulator trang web, its my go-khổng lồ website for roms và ISO's & emulators and all of the sort of sucks though that nintenvày filed a complaint so now theres no first các buổi tiệc nhỏ nintendo games there but when i want a first buổi tiệc ngọt one i always go khổng lồ so yeah.
Very good site. There are NO viruses on (as far as i'm aware of) & a naturally great place to lớn get ROM's and Emulators from, even though some time this year (2017) all first-buổi tiệc ngọt Nintenvị games were taken off my request by Nintenbởi. Still one of, no. the BEST Emulator và ROM site lớn date!

Note: If you rate the site safe but say to lớn use an adblocker, you are not rating honestly; if you need to lớn use an adblocker to lớn avoid having your computer infected then the site is not safe.
I have sầu used emuparadise to tải về gbố, n64, nes, and snes roms for roughly a year now, and have gotten no viruses. This is one of the few sites that i have found that are actualy good.
emuparidise is the best place online to get retro games.They have sầu a big community and great collection of games. Easy và safe to lớn find the games you are looking for.
Site has an extensive collection of ROMs & ISOs. A little bit too complicated khổng lồ get through lớn the tải về page, but there are no viruses or trojans. Don't let the somewhat cheap appearance throw you off - it's completely safe.

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I've used the site for years to record GBA gamplay, và I can highly recommkết thúc using it, as it does not contain malware from the downloads, from my experience.
I've been relying almost entirely on EmuParadise lớn get many of the game I have sầu on my emulators. As for the person who claimed this has trojans, you were relying on gut feeling, weren't you...
Even thought it may look lượt thích a malicious website but in reality it's a good place to get your ROMS for emulators. I used khổng lồ use COOLRom until they stoped using nintenbởi vì roms. Good site.
The best website to lớn download ROMS and ISO's for a big variety of consoles (NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA, PSX, PS2, GCN) và emulators for the consoles as well. You also don't have sầu to lớn get a tải về manager to lớn tải về a file, và they are vi khuẩn không tính phí. However, it is recommended to lớn turn off Adblock while visiting this site.

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Emuparadise is a website that lets you tải về old school Clip games and emulator consoles in .iso/ROMs.I have sầu been downloading Clip games and emulator consoles for a very long time now from Emuparadise. I scanned them with multiple antiviruses & no detection. Not only they have đoạn phim games and console emulators but other medias as well---Clip game magazines, video clip game TV shows, game guide scans, & many more!Though, there are pop-ups, I just stay away from them. Install AdBloông xã and AdBlochồng Plus lớn get rid of them from your browser.AdBlock:https://getadbloông chồ Plus: this is an amazing trang web if you would like to have fun :). No antiviruses detected anything from this website. I been scanning và scanning - all clean.
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