bommobile.vn Fitness seeks khổng lồ transkhung lives và make people feel good about themselves through fitness. We want our thể hình to be a second trang chính for all our members - a place where you will feel bommobile.vnfortable working out, trying new things, & reinventing yourself.

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bommobile.vn is co-located with two Gym Pods - the Dynamic và Vigor Pods - for those who prefer a private space for your workouts.

Location: 80 Bendemeer Road #01-10

4 minutes' walk from Boon Keng MRT, 7 minutes from Bendemeer MRT

Enter directly via the building's open car park

Opening hours: Mondays khổng lồ Sundays, 6am - 10.30pm

(last booking 9-10pm for the bommobile.vn, 10-10.30pm for the Dynamic & Vigor Pods)





We operate as a fully-automated gym with a range of cardio, functional fitness & strength equipment suitable for everyone from first-time thể hình goers khổng lồ seasoned thể hình rats.

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Use the phầm mềm khổng lồ book* your slot at the bommobile.vn or Dynamic/Vigor Pods, gain access to lớn the thể hình, follow our workout programmes, and discover a new self-guided gym/workout experience.

The pay-per-use mã sản phẩm allows you to gym on-dem&. We are also a PT-friendly gym. PTs can book on behalf of your clients & have your services listed in the tiện ích.

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*Bookings can also be made via The Gym Pod app**Regular users can reschedule your booking 2 hours before your session. PTs can reschedule 30 minutes before.



Access is on a per-hour basis at the following rates:

bommobile.vn Fitness gym (max capathành phố 10 pax)

Users: $12.50 per hour (usual $14)

Personal Trainers: $25 per hour (inclusive sầu of entry for one client)

Dynamic and Vigor pods (max capađô thị 2 pax)

Users: $9.50 per half hour

Service Agreement



bommobile.vn | Tel: 96469043/91016091

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