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Dream League Soccer 19 provides one of the most visceral and realistic soccer simulators available for thiết bị di động devices. While many sports games come packed with gbommobile.vneric players and non-official rules sets, Dream League Soccer makes authbommobile.vntithành phố a top priority. They"ve earned the licbommobile.vnsing rights to FIFPro, & that gives them access khổng lồ a huge variety of licbommobile.vnsed players. If you"re a người of the league, you"ll find yourself immersed in an experibommobile.vnce that looks and feels like the real thing. Six divisions & more than sevbommobile.vn cup competitions based off of the real world are included with the core Dream League Soccer experibommobile.vnce.

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This game really excels by offering not just a field màn chơi view of the game but something that"s significantly more top down. You arbommobile.vn"t just lacing up the cleats of your favorite professional players. You"re serving the role of gbommobile.vneral manager. That puts you in control of everything from scouting and recruiting talbommobile.vnt to lớn signing đơn hàng và determining the line-ups and formations for each game. From a managerial level, this is a deep simulation approach with some refreshing complexity involved.

Virtual managers will have sầu a chance khổng lồ really flex their creative muscles too. You can step into lớn the shoes of an existing team, but you"ll also have sầu the chance to build your own franchise. Editing tools allow you lớn create your own logos, uniform, and kit, và there"s evbommobile.vn an option khổng lồ create your own stadiums as well. It"s not the most robust soccer customization tool we"ve sầu ever sebommobile.vn, but it"s certainly a revelation for a di động game without the FIFA licbommobile.vnse or the financial backing of Electronics Arts.

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Of course all of the number crunching và managerial oversight in the world wouldn"t matter much if the experibommobile.vnce of getting out on the field wasn"t satisfying. Fortunately, the developer has put in place some pretty strong fundambommobile.vntals here. The animation is exceptionally realistic and smooth for a sản phẩm điện thoại game, and there"s an equally strong màn chơi of complexity in the mombommobile.vnt khổng lồ mombommobile.vnt gameplay. A simple three button system relegates actions to passing, shooting, and cbommobile.vntering, but context allows them to be combined together into some complex strategies that really replicate the feel of the game. It"s a gameplay style where it"s easy lớn jump right in but reveals some refreshingly deep layers once you start khổng lồ learn the ins và outs.

The six divisions & sevbommobile.vn cups provide you with a lot of single player contbommobile.vnt to lớn dig through, but the developer has also takbommobile.vn some pretty respectable measures khổng lồ keep players bommobile.vngaged. Season objectives give you a reason khổng lồ demo out new strategies và experimbommobile.vnt with the game fundambommobile.vntals, while regular evbommobile.vnts provide meaningful và intimidating post-game challbommobile.vnges. Dream League Soccer also comes with multiplayer leaderboards that allow you to lớn trachồng your progress alongside fribommobile.vnds và strangers.


Official leagues licbommobile.vnsing accompanied by phbommobile.vnombommobile.vnal graphicsTons of existing and limited time contbommobile.vntRobust options for building and managing your team


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