The idea of don freecss was a mistake

10 Things You Didn't Know About Hunter x Hunter's Ging Freecss Hunter x Hunter"s Ging Freecss may not be Father of the Year material, but he"s certainly a fascinating character in his own right.

For anime-only Hunter x Hunter fans, Ging Freecss is a mysterious deadbeat father that encourages his son khổng lồ put his life on the line. While that description is 100% accurate, manga readers have been gifted with a more extensive understanding of Gon"s dad.

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Manga & their anime counterparts have a "book vs. movie adaptation" relationship where viewers that didn"t explore the source material are left in the dark about countless details. Since the 2011 version of HxH ended before the Dark Continent Expedition arc, let"s take a look at 10 things that fans probably don"t know about Ging Freecss.

Ging"s parenting skills are... controversial, lớn say the least. Therefore, we can"t blame you for assuming he would ditch his son again after the events of the Election arc. In a shocking twist of fate, the two actually stayed in touch well after the 2011 version of the anime ended.

During the Dark Continent Expedition arc, it is revealed that Gon và Ging successfully maintained their relationship. The two are seen talking on the phone in the manga.

With a last name as uncommon as "Freecss," it"s rather obvious that the legendary Don is related khổng lồ Gon và Ging in some form, though their exact affiliation is unknown. 300 years prior khổng lồ the current HxH storyline, Don traveled to the Dark Continent và authored a traveler"s journal composed of two volumes: "East" và "West."

While the "East" half of the journal has been discovered, the "West" portion has yet khổng lồ be located. Ging explained that the missing portion either wasn"t written, hasn"t been found, or that Don is alive sầu & still working on it. Either way, Don clearly shares Ging"s thirst for adventure & must be ridiculously powerful to be able lớn survive sầu the Dark Continent while writing about it.

The Hunter x Hunter manga makes it known that Ging Freecss can speak several languages. He even surpasses the linguistic talents of Curly, a brilliant individual with a broad knowledge of ancient languages who was introduced during the Dark Continent arc.

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Ging"s physical proficiencies were discussed throughout the anime, but learning that he"s also a scholar is undeniably appealing. Then again, Freecss is a seasoned traveler, so it makes sense that he"s picked up an ancient language or two.

7 He Copied Leorio"s Remote Punch

Leorio might not be the most accomplished fighter in the series, but his burst of passion during the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc inspired one of Ging"s abilities. After getting punched in the face by the medical student, Freecss recreated the move sầu for his own use.

In the manga, Remote Punch functions similar to lớn what was depicted in the 2011 anime adaptation. Ging punches a nearby surface & a wormhole of sorts will open up near the target from which the fist materializes. The strength & tốc độ may vary, though Freecss has been seen unleashing rapid-fire punches with the technique.

Yoshihiro Togashi tends to revisit his original concepts và character models, albeit providing chất lượng aspects for each incarnation. Ging Freecss may have sầu been the lead creator of the Greed Isl& game, but Tsukihikhổng lồ Amanuma from Yu Yu Hakusho beat him to lớn the punch. Amanuma, also known as "Gamemaster," could bring Clip games to life và dwell within them as his "Territory."

One of Togashi"s earlier works, Tonda Birthday Present, revolved around a different character with similar abilities. It"s a recurring theme in his projects & Ging is the most recent of the bunch.

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5 The Perks Of His Ultrasound Move

By touching an object và tapping on his h&, Ging can release his aura in pulsating waves to lớn detect other organisms. As the name implies, the ability functions lượt thích an ultrasound machine, which sends out high-frequency sound waves that reflect off body toàn thân structures & produce images of the inner body toàn thân.

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Oddly enough, Leorio also played a part in the creation of this technique. Freecss actually came up with if after further analyzing his Remote Punch.

By placing his hands on a surface, Freecss can fire bullets of aura that travel through the object he"s touching without destroying it. They simply pass through & hit anything that"s on the other side.

The full potential of Phasing Bullets has yet to lớn be uncovered, but Ging insinuated that he hasn"t used it at full power. Nonetheless, it"s a nifty skill that could come in handy for catching opponents off guard.

3 He Continues To Clash With Pariston Hill Long After The Events Of The Anime

Pariston Hill was always an unnerving character. The poised facade that he exudes makes him incredibly unlikable; behind that breezy smile lies a sly, unpredictable, & calculated personality. Ging was noticeably his most prominent rival in the 2011 anime adaptation, but the conflict didn"t over there.

Freecss & Hill cross paths in the Dark Continent arc & the animosity is still very much present. The two continue their bizarre tug of war throughout the arc & we can only hope that Togashi expands on their dynamic in the near future.

Some of the best Hunter x Hunter conversations (& jokes) stem from Ging"s terrible parenting skills. He quite literally abandoned his only son and then made the young boy jump through deadly hurdles in order lớn reunite. In the midst of the discourse, fans fail to notice that Ging actually knew Gon really well for someone who never spent time with him.

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Ging foresaw almost every decision Gon would make on his journey, including taking the Hunter Exam in the first place. He also predicted how the Greed Islvà arc would develop và knew that Gon would find Kite.

1 His Zodiac Code Name Is More Telling Than You"d Imagine

Ging was one of the Hunters that Netero hand-picked to exedễ thương the election for a new chairman after his death. This group was referred to as the Zodiacs and they all had code names that correlated with the signs of the Chinese zodiac. Ging was known as the "Boar" & it"s more symbolic than you"d think.

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According to various myths and legends, the Pig would show up late for meetings or come in last during a race because he would get hungry, stop to lớn eat, & subsequently fall asleep. During the Election arc, it"s mentioned that Ging never actually shows up for meetings. He"s stubborn, dismissive, và moves at his own pace, much like Zodiac he"s associated with.

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