How to save a doc in word 2007 as html

Microsoft Word documents are the most comtháng documents that get translated. In this window, you can control how imports Microsoft Office Word 2007và newer (*.docx or *.dotx) documents.

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This window is for documents from Word 2007 or higher: Use it khổng lồ import .docx or *.dotx files.

How khổng lồ get here

What can you do?

Clichồng Import markup as inline tags. The other option is khổng lồ import all formatting markup as legacy tags, which is not recommended.

Import or ignore hidden text, the table of contents, the index, or the index entries

Under Content khổng lồ import, you can import or ignore certain parts of the document. Here are the options you have:

Import hidden text: Normally, doesn"t import hidden text. Cheông xã this kiểm tra box lớn import it. Import TOC: Normally, doesn"t import the table of contents. The table of contents in Word is a field that is generated automatically. Normally, it"s not translated. Cheông xã this check box if you still want to lớn import it. Import index: Normally, doesn"t import the index. The index in Word is a field that is generated automatically. Normally, it"s not translated. Cheông xã this check box if you still want to import it.
Exclude text by style formatting can exclude text that is formatted in a specific style. For example, a technical document may include program code that mustn"t be translated. The program code is formatted in a different style. You các mục that style here, so that doesn"t import those parts. Thus they can"t be corrupted during translation.

You specify the styles by name. doesn"t read the names of styles from the document, so you need to make a precise guess at the style name. Before you add a style name lớn the các mục, open the document in Word, & double-kiểm tra the styles.

There are two types of excluded parts:

Type the name of the style in the text box above the các mục. If it"s an external style: Cheông chồng the External check box. Click Add style.

To remove sầu a style from the list: Select it. Clichồng Remove sầu style.

Legacy Trados markup styles are added automatically: Normally, will exclude parts that are formatted in the tw4winInternal and the tw4winExternal styles. These are the styles used in bilingual Word documents that Trados Translator"s Workbench 2007 & earlier produce. In those documents, these styles indicate markup that doesn"t belong lớn the actual text.

Manual line breaks, tab characters: New segment or inline tag, or both?

Under Special characters, choose how imports manual line breaks (soft breaks) and tabulators. In Word, a paragraph break always means the end of a segment, but a manual line break doesn"t end a paragraph. To insert a manual line break in Word, press Shift+Enter.

The tabulator is a character jumps khổng lồ a predefined position in a line. It can be used khổng lồ write up text that looks lượt thích tables. It is also used to indent the first lines in paragraphs that have a hanging indent.

In, both characters can mean the over of the segment, & they can also be inserted as an inline tag.

For each character, you can choose from three options in the drop-down box:

Start new segment: Normally, starts a new segment when there is a manual line break. For a tab character, choose this if you want lớn start a new segment. Show as inline tag & start new segment: Choose this to show each manual line break or tab character as an inline tag, and start a new segment at the same time. Show as inline tag: Normally, shows tab characters as inline tags. For manual line breaks, choose this to lớn show them as inline tags.
Reduce the number of tags

When you import a Word document, there can be too many tags, especially if the Word document was converted from a scanned PDF document.

You have two options to get a cleaner import:

Need lớn chain a HTML or an XML filter, or a Regex Tagger after the Word import? Ignore inline formatting

You cannot run a chained (cascaded) filter after a Word import if the imported text contains inline formatting. However, several content management systems return DOCX or Excel documents this way.

If you need to run a HTML or an XML filter after the DOCX import, you can ignore inline formatting:


On the General tab, kiểm tra the Ignore inline formatting tags in cascading import kiểm tra box.

This check box appears only if another filter is chained after the Word filter.

Caution: The formatting ignores will be missing from the exported document, too.

Import or ignore comments

A Word document may contain a lot of comments. You can decide what happens to them.

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Normally, doesn"t import comments from Word documents.

To change this: First, cliông xã the Advanced tab.


To import Word comments as text to lớn translate: Cliông xã Import as text khổng lồ translate. With this setting, comments will appear as regular segments.

If you import hidden text, hidden comments are imported, too. If you vày not import hidden text, comments for the hidden text are not imported either. can export comments inkhổng lồ translated Word documents. Normally, comments are not exported. To make export comments: xuất hiện Options. Choose Miscellaneous. Cliông xã the Translation tab. Choose what types of comments you want to export.

Tell which numbering formats lớn import

Previously, imported all automatic numbering formats from the document"s styles. In 8.4 & newer versions, you can choose to lớn import only those that are used in the document.

To phối this up: Clichồng the Advanced tab.


You have sầu three choices:

Import all number formats (even unused ones): just lượt thích in earlier versions, imports all the numbering formats from the document"s styles. Import used number formats only; they will be collected at the end of the document: imports only the numbering formats that appear in the docx tệp tin. You can find them in the last segments of the imported document. Import used number formats only; they appear in the document when they are first used: imports only the numbering formats that appear in the docx tệp tin. You can find them at their first occurrence in the imported document. This is the mặc định choice.
Deal with nội dung that work in the newest Word versions only

Choose how should process documents saved by Microsoft Office versions that are newer than Office 2007.

To phối this up: Cliông xã the Advanced tab.


Some parts of the documents are called extensions: For example, text boxes. In new versions of Office, these are saved in two variants: The content is there for the newest Office version. And there is another copy for compatibility reasons, lớn be read by Office 2007 or earlier versions.

You have sầu three choices:

Keep compatible with original Office version and newer: imports the up-to-date extensions only. If you open the document in Office 2007 or earlier, you won"t see the translations of these. Use this option only if the document was created in a newer version of Office, and it will be used in a newer version than Office 2007. Downgrade document khổng lồ Office 2007: imports the legacy content only, and exports a document that doesn"t have the up-to-date extensions. This is the mặc định choice.
Import tracked changes, export tracked changes - or not

If a Word document contains tracked changes, can import them as tracked changes. This is useful when you translate a document, và then it gets edited, và you need khổng lồ translate the edited version, too.

To choose how treats this, clichồng the Trachồng changes tab.


First, tell how it should import tracked changes. This means that tracked changes can be imported in the source text.

Normally, will import the final version only - as if all changes were accepted. This is the Accept changes before import radio button. To import the unedited version - as if all changes were rejected: Click Reject changes before import.

Then, tell how it should export tracked changes. will export tracked changes from the target text. This is completely independent from tracked changes in the source text.

To export the final version - with all changes accepted: Clichồng Export final version. To export the tracking markup - to see what was changed: Click Export change tracking markup.

When you finish

To confirm the settings, & return khổng lồ the Document import options window: Cliông xã OK.

To return the Document import options window, và not change the filter settings: Cliông chồng Cancel.

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If this is a cascading filter, you can change the settings of another filter in the chain: Click the name of the filter at the top of the window.

In the Document import options window: Cliông chồng OK again lớn start importing the documents.

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