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The bommobile.vn XPS Document Writer (MXDW) is a print-to-file driver that enables a Windows application khổng lồ create XML Paper Specification (XPS) document files on versions of Windows starting with Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (SP2). Using the MXDW makes it possible for a Windows application to save its content as an XPS document without changing any of the application"s program code.

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If you create an XPS file, but don"t have an ứng dụng to save or store the contents, you can use the bommobile.vn XPS Document Writer printer to lớn save all nội dung of the XPS file. bommobile.vn XPS Document Writer comes pre-installed on Windows 10 và Windows 11, just press Ctrl + p. To print/save an XPS file.


To install or reinstall the XPS Document Writer, Press Windows key + R, Type: "control printers", select Enter, select add printer, select The printer what I want isn"t listed, select add a local printer or network printer with manual settings, select Use an existing port, select Next, select bommobile.vn from the left column, select bommobile.vn xps document writer from the right column, select Next và the bommobile.vn XPS Document Writer will download.

For more information about V4 print driver, see Exploring the Driver Options in the Wizard.

When khổng lồ Use

As a user, you would select the MXDW when you want lớn create an XPS document from a Windows application that does not have the option to save its nội dung as an XPS document.

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As an application developer, you would recommend the MXDW khổng lồ users who want to create XPS documents when your application does not offer the option to lớn save as an XPS document. For more information on the XML Paper Specification và XPS documents, see XML Paper Specification và XPS Specification và License Downloads.

The MXDW is installed automatically on Windows Vista & later versions of Windows và can be downloaded & installed on Windows XP with SP2 và Windows Server 2003.

How lớn Use

When installed, the MXDW appears as an available print queue in the Print dialog box presented by an application. When the MXDW is selected as the printer, the user is prompted for the tệp tin name lớn create as the XPS Document that captures the print output of the application.

Application developers can customize the đầu ra of MXDW using the MXDW configuration settings.


Where does bommobile.vn XPS Document Writer save to

The MXDW printer saves files in the Documents folder: C:Usersuser-nameDocuments. (Remember to replace user-name with your original username.)

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