Darkness rises

There"s no getting around just how impressive sầu Darkness Rises looks. It"s one of the finest visual achievements we"ve seen on the App Store for a long while. Sure, it"s pretty generic, but when the polygons are in motion it"s breathtaking.

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And, for the most part, it gets its violence just right. The complexity is balanced with the limitations of touchscreen controls pretty darn well, và while there are a few hiccups here & there, there"s nothing that"s going lớn make you abandon the game with a flouncy grimace.

The main gripe you"re likely lớn have sầu is about the menus và currencies và tăng cấp trees. There"s a lot going on here behind the scenes, và if you want lớn succeed you"re going lớn have to underst& it better than you understand the combos you can dish out.

Rising stamp

The game sees you legging it through a dark fantasy world, slashing everything that moves. Well, depending on the class you choose you might be stabbing, or firing balls of magic, but the basic idea is the same – kill.

There are a variety of different types of challenge, but for the most part it"s only win conditions và allies that change. Your focus is still on murder. You unleash your simple attack combos by holding down a big button in the bottom right of the screen.


Around that there are a number of other buttons representing your skills. You"ve got a dodge button too, và every now & then skull buttons pop up too. These let you deploy one-hit kills that trigger some pretty gory animations.

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For the most part the controls work fine. There were a few instances when the buttons didn"t work while I was playing, but this is less a game about precision và more a game about making sure your numbers are high enough before you go inlớn a fight.


You control those numbers with a variety of menus. You"re tinkering with your gear, stats, skills, & more. And to lớn begin with you"re going to lớn be more than strong enough to lớn take everything that the game throws at you.

But in true miễn phí to lớn play fashion you"ll find the game gets much tougher the deeper you get in. Enemies will crush you, và it"s then you"ll discover that the controls don"t offer much when you need khổng lồ be precise.

Knife to see you

But that"s the balance that games lượt thích this khuyễn mãi giảm giá in. You feel like an unstoppable superhero at the start, but when things turn against you you"ll be grossly underpowered. Then comes the pay or grind choice.

Darkness Rising might have the trappings of a hardcore game, but it proudly stands atop the midcore hill. It"s fun in its own ways, & there"s a decent enough story lớn push you from encounter to lớn savage encounter.

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But it"s not the action game you might have sầu hoped it was going to be. Go in expecting that and you"ll be disappointed, but take Darkness Rising for what it is và there"s a good chunk of enjoyment to be had here.

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