Dac/amp combo recommendations


On this page, you’ll find our DAC/AMP bộ combo recommendations of this moment. This is an ever-evolving list và the units are ranked from cheap khổng lồ expensive.

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Portable DAC/AMP


The new FiiO E10K TC is a nice release from FiiO as it shows they’re still believing their legendary product in terms of performance. For just 82$, you get great output power và a neutral sound signature with great detail, resolution, and transparency. This is an unbeatable performance for the price.

If you are looking for a tiny device khổng lồ drive your full-size headphones, I don’t know whether there’s a cheaper option than the E10K TC.

$82,99 from FiiO

Review: https://www.bommobile.vn/fiio-e10k-tc-review/


The market of compact DAC/AMP modules is getting stronger và better each month. DdHifi with all of their units, và especially this TC44B, prove they are one of the most important players when it comes to high price/performance ratios in miniature-sized portable units.

For $89 USD you get a pocketable and surprisingly well-performing DAC/AMP which you can use with both your máy vi tính as well as your smartphone. At this price level, I really don’t have anything in my portable collections that come close lớn the performance of the ddHifi TC44B. It’s an easily recommended buy at this price. Well done ddHifi.

€89 from ddHifi

Review: https://www.bommobile.vn/ddhifi-tc44b-review/


In my opinion, Ivan’s 9038D is an engineering marvel. It is a great achievement to lớn be able khổng lồ squeeze such a high-performance device into such a small chassis, which not only performs well on paper but also in real life.

The E1DA deserves maybe 2, maybe 3 times the price tag and if you’re looking for a DAC lớn carry with you, you should absolutely kiểm tra it out. It is easy-to-use, practical & multifunctional. I had trouble finding anything negative about it!

$99 from E1DA

Review: https://www.bommobile.vn/e1da-9038d-review/


FiiO K3s

The new FiiO K3s (or K3 2021 as some gọi it) is a wonderful device with a great DAC chip and features. Its sleek modern design, plug & play function, và tremendous sound chất lượng for its form size are great qualities for the ones who are looking for a tiny device to lớn use with laptops và PCs.

I strongly recommend the FiiO K3s to lớn anyone who’s looking for a máy tính companion. If you want khổng lồ improve your music experience compared khổng lồ the onboard DAC chips of your PCs, this is the way khổng lồ go.

$119,99 from FiiO

Review: https://www.bommobile.vn/fiio-k3s-review


Build quality is superb, performances are on-par with AudioQuest and NuPrime, with MQA support and very clever design. Out of the three (Hi-mDAC/Dragonfly RED/Eagle), this one feels lượt thích the sweet spot & if you were khổng lồ choose one all-rounder, this would be it.

Paired with a good pair of IEM’s, lượt thích the FiiO FH3 or the new iBasso IT00 and you’ll be good for quite some time, on a tight budget. A great bang for a buck, that goes straight into my recommendation list.

€119 from EarMen

Review: https://www.bommobile.vn/earmen-eagle-review/


Sometimes, I don’t want khổng lồ bother carrying my DAP, no matter how good it is. But, as soon as I leave, I’m hit by the low màn chơi of performance shown by my iPhone. Okay, it’s not “Fisher price-quality” as Neil Young would say, but it’s enough for me to lớn regret. And, this is where the Nuprime Hi-mDAC really comes to shine. It’s better than most of my entry-level DAP, small enough to fit my phone, and most of all: it makes a REAL upgrade, sound-wise. I’m sure that 90% of our readers have already tried a USB-DAC, but for those of you who didn’t, this may be the time.

Paired with a good pair of IEM’s, lượt thích the Fearless S8F, or even the BGVP DM6, I’m pretty sure that most of you will be blown away and realize how far we have come!

€139 from Nuprime

Review: https://www.bommobile.vn/nuprime-hi-mdac-review/


Unsurprisingly, the FiiO quận 3 is excellent in almost every regard. It kept everything we liked on the q.1 Mark II, and pushed things even further. It sounds even more spacious, packs enough power to drive my good old planars, and whatever the source, I was able khổng lồ connect the DAC hassle-free.

If you own a q.1 Mark II, this time I can confidently advise you to lớn up your game and get the new Q3. Sound-wise, the difference isn’t massive, but if you take into account all the various ergonomics improvements, the scale really weighs towards the new Q3. A great addition for those who seek an affordable all-in-one, & the best device for audiophile beginners: feed it well và the q3 will grow on you.

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149$ from Fiio

Review: https://www.bommobile.vn/fiio-q3-review/


Overall the PAW S1 comes with Lotoo’s neutral but natural house sound. It adds some body to instruments và musicians, but also comes equipped with high skills in technical abilities. As a simple DAC/Amp dongle solution I think it absolutely wins. People who don’t see the benefit of a Digital Audio Player but still want a higher chất lượng experience should certainly take the Lotoo PAW S1 on their shortlist. On đứng đầu of the great sound you also get superb EQ/ATE pre-settings that fit your current situation & two gain settings should you need it khổng lồ go khổng lồ eleven. Just remember, that the chất lượng of your music files really matters with the PAW S1. Say no to lớn resampling.

For me personally, the PAW S1 is an excellent alternative to my DAPs. Although it still won’t replace my PAW 6000 when I’m out and about. But as a fall-back solution, I keep the S1 with me on all my trips.

For less than 200 USD this is a fantastic device & it gets a very strong recommendation from me.

169$ from Lotoo

Review: https://www.bommobile.vn/lotoo-paw-s1-review/


The iFi hip-dac 2 has only one goal; improving your sound chất lượng compared to the direct outputs of laptops and smartphones. After the time I’ve had with this device, I can smoothly say that it reaches that goal. The previous hip-dac was also quite successful on that. However, iFi put some small but rather important updates lớn the device lớn make it even better.

With its engaging mid-forward presentation the hip-dac 2 is a great companion for a music lover or a starting audiophile. There’s better detail and better separation than the first version as well.

189 $ from iFi Audio

Review: https://www.bommobile.vn/ifi-audio-hip-dac-2-review/


EarMen with the Sparrow promised a lot but they also delivered in all possible ways. For only $199 you get a US/EU product with a single-ended as well as a balanced output, and especially the latter one is magical. The Sparrow is an affordable và tiny device that you can carry around with you at all times. Just hook it up lớn your phone or máy vi tính and be amazed at how good it sounds.

The Sparrow is a very easy sản phẩm to recommend at this price point, và it joins the best of the best on our Recommended DAC/AMP buy list. If you want a small, portable DAC/AMP with a balanced output, there’s no doubt at all about which one lớn get.

$199 from EarMen

Review: https://www.bommobile.vn/earmen-sparrow-review/


Violectric Chronos is the best USB dongle I’ve ever listened to. As the first-ever portable hàng hóa from Violectric, this is quite a success. The Chronos has excellent build quality, simple operation, & a minimalistic design with elegance.

The sound quality is excellent and I recommend it to lớn anyone who is looking for a tiny laptop/smartphone DAC/Amp companion on the go. The price is a bit steep compared lớn other USB dongles, but I’m sure you’ll be surprised by the sound when you try it with your phone/PC.

If you don’t lượt thích to carry an additional DAP with you, you can get the Chronos và have an almost entry-level DAP performance in a miniature chassis.

€199 from Violectric

Review: https://www.bommobile.vn/violectric-chronos-review/

NextDrive Spectra X

Nathan is back with a reviews of the NextDrive Taiwan Spectra X, the original Spectra’s highly awaited successor. Spectra X blows his mind with great benchmarks, low noise floor, và basically all the performance of a mid or high-end DAP but for a fraction of the price, size, và complication. Fully recommended in all possible ways!

$190 from Nextdrive

Review: https://www.bommobile.vn/review-nextdrive-spectra-x/


iFi Audio Nano iDSD đen Label

iFi has delivered marvelous work with the BL version of the Nano iDSD. Although I’ve never had a chance to demo the original version, I can easily say this is an amazing DAC/AMP for the price. I’m not sure you can ever find better technicalities from a device that costs this little. I’m sure the Micro iDSD BL is also very very good in its own price range. People say this one sounds close to lớn the Micro version & if I ever listen to lớn that one I will edit this nhận xét at that time. A superb little device, for those who are looking for a nice DAC/AMP that can give a good amount of power for not extremely hard-to-drive headphones, and with a competitive price. If you also lượt thích to listen khổng lồ your in-ear monitors with these types of devices, I just can’t recommend it enough. It’s flexible, built khổng lồ last, useful, and compact. Most importantly, it sounds flawless for the money. Just go for it.

€239 from iFi

Review: https://www.bommobile.vn/review-ifi-audio-nano-idsd-black-label/


It was quite fun to đánh giá a DAC/Amp unit again after all this time & the TR-Amp pleasantly surprised me with its transparency & dynamics. You get a detailed and energetic sound, combined with a musical delivery. What’s not to lớn like? For the $249 USD / €279 euro price it is selling for, you get a lot in return. Actually, way more than I was initially expecting và as such I have to lớn put this on our menu of recommended DAC/Amps to buy.

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