Google discontinues the chromebook pixel 2


It"s $300 cheaper & lasts over twice as long, but few need a premium Chromebook.

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Andrew Cunningham - Mar 11, 2015 6:00 pm UTC


Chromebooks are cheap. They work best that way. It’s rare lớn find one north of $400, and the sweet spot is between $200 & $300. While they"ve got shortcomings, the cost is reasonable for what you get. In some cases, the limitations are even desirable.

Only one Chromebook has truly gone against that grain—the Chromebook Pixel. It was the polar opposite of every other device bearing the name. The Pixel was high-quality hardware where others are low-rent, but even though it cost five times what you could pay for a regular Chromebook it didn"t really do much more. It"s a máy tính xách tay as nice as it is niche.

Now, two years later, Google is back with a second Pixel. The outside is mostly the same, which is a good thing. The inside gets a big nâng cấp courtesy of new intel Broadwell processors, also a good thing. & even though at $999 the price remains high relative to other Chromebooks, it"s still $300 cheaper than the original. That is certainly a good thing.

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Specs at a glance: Google Chromebook pixel 2ScreenOSCPURAMGPUHDDNetworkingPortsSizeWeightBatteryWarrantyStarting pricePrice as reviewedOther perks
2560×1700 at 12.85" (239 ppi)
Chrome OS
2.2GHz (2.7GHz Turbo) dual-core Intel vi xử lý core i5-5200U or 2.6GHz (3.2GHz Turbo) dual-core bộ vi xử lý core i7-5600U
8GB or 16GB 1600MHz DDR3
Intel HD 5500 Graphics (integrated)
32 or 64GB solid-state drive
Dual-band 802.11ac, bluetooth 4.0
2x USB 3.0 Type A, 2x USB 3.0 Type C, thẻ reader, headphones
11.7 × 8.4 × 0.6" (297.7 x 224.5 x 15.3 mm)
3.3 lbs (1.5 kg)
"12 hours"
1 year
$999, $1,299 for "Ludicrous speed" version
720p webcam

Look và feel

The construction và design of the new pixel change surprisingly little from its predecessor. Size and weight are nearly identical, và the new px has the same boxy corners and edges of the last Pixel. It"s a handsome machine, but where most Ultrabooks are all about curves & tapered edges, this one is squared-off and conservative.

The most noticeable external change is in the lid next lớn the lightbar. The old pixel had some antenna cutouts here, but the new one does away with them. Google has tried to lớn hide most of the utilitarian stuff that laptops like this need lớn have. The rear-facing fan hâm mộ vent is a subtle gap between the hinge và the bottom of the laptop. The mic & speakers are hidden underneath the keyboard. It"s a clean design, though it"s unadorned lớn the point of being generic.

The lightbar is the one bit of personality the px has. During normal use, its four LEDs are blue, red, yellow, and green, the regular Google colors. When the battery is low, the bar turns an angry red. Tap out the Konami Code on the keyboard và it blinks out a multicolored pattern. The new thing in the second pixel is that the lightbar can serve as a battery indicator. When the lid is closed, tap on it near the lightbar twice. If you"ve got a 50 percent charge, two of the LEDs will light up. If you"ve got a 25 percent charge, one of them will light up.

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