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This is the entire CS 1.1 code và the use of each code for you lớn know and apply in the game, & you can also use some of the code here when playing Half Life.

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The CS 1.1 code, or the Half Life commvà, is not always used khổng lồ cheat with people around you. Many Counter Strike 1.1 commands can help gamers because of their playing habits. The cheat code of CS 1.1 can also be used for CS 1.6 because CS 1.1 is not much different from CS 1.6.

Below is a summary of CS 1.1 code that you can memorize and use when playing with your friends. Rethành viên, if you want your game to be interesting, don"t use the code that benefits you.

How to lớn open the CS 1.1 commvà windowCheat Aoe 2, the Aoe 2 code all the most completePractice installing Cheat Engine and using Cheat Engine when playing games

Summary of CS 1.1 code, Half Life 1.1 cheat

CS 1.1 command for the character


Sv_cheat 1: Turn on cs 1.1 code, if this code is not entered then all other lines will not work.Sv_ayên ổn 0: Automatically focuses on the target, only effective sầu when using figs lượt thích Scout (45), AWM (46), SG550 (47). Often new shooters will use this code.Sv_accelerate 5: Increase speed while underwaterSv_airacecelerate 10: Move faster, you can change other numbers, if above sầu 10n is faster và less than 10 then the move sầu will be slower.Sv_airmove: Groundbreaking or flying in the air, doesn"t apply much when playing.Sv_stepkích thước 9999: Code climbing wall, want to lớn return to normal you type 0.Sv_skycolor r 9: Change the red color for the character if standing outsideSv_skycolor r 99: Same as the code above sầu, but the color will be differentSv_skycolor r 999: Same as the code above, but the color will be differentSv_skycolor bl 9: The code changes lớn blueSv_skycolor bl 99: Same as above sầu code, but change lớn another colorSv_skycolor bl 999: Same as above code, but change to another colorSv_skycolor gre 9: The code changes to greenSv_skycolor gre 99: Same as above sầu code, but change to another colorSv_skycolor gre 999: Same as above sầu code, but change to lớn another colorSv_fiction <9999999999>: Walks very fast but only works for 4 secondsSv_restartround 0: Restart the hệ thống, all indicators will be set khổng lồ 0Sv_spectatormaxspeed: Adjust the speed of walking around the bản đồ, apply to lớn souls or khổng lồ those who have sầu not selected a team.Sv_stopspeed: Code stop, bởi not miss the momentum, adjust the speedSv_maxspeed: Increase movement speed khổng lồ maximumSv_waterraccelerate: Accelerate underwater, press ";" khổng lồ swyên ổn.Sv_sendvelocity 0: Commvà to improve sầu the game chất lượng for weak configurations.Sv_password: Create a password for the serverSv_timeout 60/0: Clicks all players in the same room within 60 seconds.Sv_lan 1: Allows you lớn connect to a LAN within the same systemSv_gravity (-999 or 9999): Gravity code, the higher the index, the longer it flies. If you phối it lớn 0, it will always be floating in the sky. If you phối the negative number, you will not be able to lớn jump & step down the stairs will cause blood loss.Sv_clienttrace 1: Bullets chase, you just point the gun in the sky and fire. The number of kills will automatically increase.

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Sv_failuretime 0.5: Adjust the freezing time before being moved in the beginning of each game.Sv_waterfriction 1: Improve sầu the tốc độ of moving underwater.Sv_challengetime 15: Increase the time each roundSv_zmax 4096/00: See through the wall, for this code lớn take effect you must mix the 3D screen mode in Video ModeSv_skyname: Name the SkySv_maxvelothành phố 2000: Help move sầu faster

Code lớn adjust general game parameters:


Mp_startmoney 800: Adjust the amount received from the beginning of the game, you can adjust from 800 to lớn 16000.Mp_logdetail 1: The code that distinguishes an enemy or a side, if it is an enemy, it will have a red dot on its barrel và vice versa.Mp_fadetoblachồng 1: Fighting dead players can illuminate surviving gamers.Mp_buytime 1.5: Set the time to lớn buy weapons, should be low to lớn avoid the situation of trafficking in bombs.Mp_winlimit 0: Set the number of victories in the game, for example if you put 5 matches, the team that wins 5 then that team is the winner.Mp_limitteams 2: Adjust the number of players in each teamMp_autokiông xã 1: Automatically raises players who have sầu poor network connection và low protệp tin causing lag.Mp_autoteambalance 1: Automatically balances the players on each team.Mp_chasecam 1: Adjust the tracking of teammates after deathMp_c4timer: Set C4 bomb time to explode, you can phối the mặc định from 45 seconds lớn 90 seconds.Mp_freezetime: In Half Life versions, this code is mix lớn 0, & in Counter StrikeMp_roundtime: Set the time for each round, if you set 5 minutes, it will be 5 minutes for each game screen.Mp_friendlyfire 0/1: Allows damage to allies, 0 is off & 1 is onMp_timelimit 4: Maximum time of each game.Mp_maxrounds 10: Set the number of rounds for each game network creationMp_footsteps 1: Set the sound for footsteps, hear clearly based on the distanceMp_flashlight 0/1: Turn on / off flashlightMp_hostagepenalty 1/0: Turn on / off the deduction when you kill hostages, works for every player. The T side will be more advantageous when it is completely possible lớn take the hostages as a target.Mp_logmessages 0/1: When you die, you cannot chatMp_forcechasecam 0/1/2: Only enlighten your teammates when deadMp_chattime 10: Limiting time allowed to chat with each other, this code can limit spam and cursing playersMp_weaponstay 0: This code helps you pichồng up a fully loaded gun, regardless of whether or not this gun has previously been purchased.

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