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DiGi’s Chan Nam Kiong is a man on a mission, whether it’s running marathons, renovating DiGi’s distribution Model or simply inspiring others khổng lồ achieve sầu.

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An introduction from CFO Richard Aa

The concept of Internet for All may be a relatively new element in’s strategy, but in DiGi, it’s long been a part of their game plan. In order lớn exedễ thương on this strategy, one very important element needs to lớn be in place: a successful distribution model. During my time spent with DiGi, there’s one person who especially stands out – the man who completely turned around DiGi’s sales and distribution strategy: Chan Nam Kiong. It’s rare to meet someone so passionate, energized & positive sầu. Within a few minutes of chatting, NK will have you convinced that sales & distribution is just about the most exciting part of the company and a very central component of our internet promise. It’s about 1) putting our services in the hands of the people, 2) constantly challenging status quo and 3) excelling in execution, something which NK knows quite a bit about. This is his story.

When 57-year-old Nam Kiong “NK” decided to lớn climb Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia, his first thought was, “how can I vì chưng this differently?” He didn’t want to lớn get khổng lồ the top, take the traditional smiling picture of himself & tell the same old story khổng lồ all his friends. He wanted to lớn vị something unexpected. So NK climbed Mount Kinabalu with a dwarf hamster named Fuyoh.

“I admit…I wanted to st& out. Do it differently. And don’t worry, it was safe for the hamster,” laughs NK.

It’s this attitude of not sticking khổng lồ the status quo that defined NK’s leadership in the overhaul of DiGi’s Sales and Distribution set-up, back at the time when came on board in 1999. According lớn NK, before came khổng lồ DiGi, they were struggling when it came lớn distribution.

“Before bought inlớn DiGi, we were very weak on distribution as the third player. But after the shift in ownership, we got the support from management to vì something big. It was my job to lớn pioneer a new sales & distribution model for the prepaid market,” explains NK.

The birth of the dealer loyalty pyramid

With clear backing from, NK was able khổng lồ bởi vì what he does best: exexinh tươi on an idea. NK came up with a simple pyramid structure for dealer loyalty, appropriately named the “dealer loyalty pyramid”. It categorizes dealers inlớn gold, silver và bronze status depending on how they deliver for DiGi. At each màn chơi are better incentives, giving the dealers motivation to strive for greater success.

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“To manage this structure we had to lớn develop a prepaid sales tracking system which was new in the industry and gave sầu us the competitive sầu edge,” adds NK.

NK also appointed exclusive, full-time prepaid distribution partners where the owners must be hands-on in using their prepaid sales tracking system to lớn manage their sales territories effectively. This, coupled with the loyalty pyramid, transformed DiGi’s distribution Mã Sản Phẩm and turned the company around. As a result, NK has been acknowledged as a key driving force behind building a svào foundation for DiGi’s sales và distribution Model.

“I believe sầu that most failures result from poor execution, & I believe sầu our success in re-inventing the distribution model was due to lớn our execution skills và management tư vấn,” he says.

Learn from failure và move forward

NK is quiông chồng to lớn point out that not all of his initiatives have been equally successful as the distribution Mã Sản Phẩm, but that he has been able khổng lồ learn from these failures. He is eager lớn mô tả what he has learned with others, especially now in his current role as a management advisor.

“Failure should not equal a loss of enthusiasm,” urges NK. “I lượt thích to vày things differently, và if I’m going to lớn fail, I’m going to lớn fail forward. I will learn from it và move forward. If you’re going lớn vày something, go for it and most importantly execute!”

NK has gone to lớn interesting lengths to keep his former team motivated, once even offering lớn shave his head if they met their challenging KPIs for that quarter. The promise of a bald NK must have sầu been too much for the team to lớn resist, so they met their targets that quarter. His motivation to successfully exedễ thương extends inlớn his personal life as well, & just last year at the age of 56, he successfully completed his first maranhỏ. He’s now completed three khổng lồ date.

Success is in execution. Do it differently. Have a story to lớn tell. And fail forward. These are the life lessons that NK is quiông chồng to lớn cốt truyện và proud to live by. How’s he’s going lớn top a mountain climb with a hamster is anyone’s guess, but whatever it is, NK will definitely vì it in his own way.

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“I am pleased khổng lồ have sầu built a sales & distribution legacy that DiGi can be proud of, và now pass the baton on to an able team of DiGizens that will take it lớn the next level in their mission to bring mạng internet to all,” concludes NK.

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