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In fact, Mi Quang and Cao Lau are two totally different dishes and in order to help you rethành viên the name & the flavour of each dish easily, the Tiger will give sầu you some small tips to tell them apart.

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1.Location:-Although both Mi Quang and Cao Lau are typical for the Central’s cuisine but Mi Quang is more well-known in Da Nang, while Cao Lau is the most recommended dish in Hoi An (30km far from Da Nang)2.Noodle’s type:-It’s true khổng lồ Call Viet Nam by the name “The country of noodles”, we have sầu numerous delicious noodles dishes in the entire country, including Mi Quang & Cao Lau. In the “noodles family”, Mi Quang has wide, solf & dark yellow noodles, while its brother Cao Lau uses the thin, hard and pale yellow noodles. Besides, you can easily recognize the noodles used for Cao Lau is usually shorter than the ones in Mi Quang.-Both two kinds of noodles used khổng lồ make Cao Lau & Mi Quang are made of rice flour, but it’s more complicated khổng lồ make noodles for Cao Lau since they have lớn soak rice in special ash water from Csay mê Island (in Hoi An) before making noodles.3.The ingredients:-Alongside yellow noodles, you can find in a bowl of Mi Quang pork meat, chicken meat, shirmps & chicken egg or quail egg. They also have other versions of Mi Quang with frog meat, duck meat,… Additionally, Mi Quang is usually served with Bánh đa nướng (grilled rice paper with sesame), plentiful fresh herbs & roasted peanuts on top.

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(Vietnamese Mi Quang Noodles)

-Not as adaptable as Mi Quang, Cao Lau stays loyal lớn thịt con heo xá xíu (pork meat fried then stewed with special sauce) as the main ingredient khổng lồ enhance its flavor. Cao Lau is commonly served with small crispy wafers made of rice flour, bean sprout và herbs.


(Vietnamese Cao Lau Noodles)

4.Broth:-Unlượt thích other noodles dishes in Viet Nam with much broth, both Mi Quang và Cao Lau have sầu very little broth in each dish và there are differences between them. The broth used in Mi Quang is clear, savoury và has the flavor of chicken or pork (or whatever kind of meat they used lớn cook). On the other hvà, Cao Lau has the thiông xã & dark broth taken from the sauce they make thịt con heo xá xíu, which is salty và soy-ish.

Vietnam giới is an incredible destination for street food lovers và just make sure to lớn eat these two traditional noodles in Hoi An while you in Vietphái mạnh. Morebest dishes MUST-TRY in Vietnam

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