Cách build barbarian diablo 2 Đầy Đủ nhất, barbarian builds, cách chơi barbarian trong diablo 2

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The Barbarian is a melee fighter character that specializes in mastering almost every kind of weapon & dealing physical damage. Thanks to lớn his sustainability, he’s performing very well at PvE. His “War Cry” skills enchant his allies, making him an ideal member for every tiệc nhỏ. Also, the Barbarian is amuốn the top classes for PvPhường fights.

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Popular Barbarian builds:

Whirlwind Barb: This build has the ability lớn cut through any kind of monsters’ group, using the Whirlwind skill. It’s probably the most famous build since the early days of the game until today. It’s also known as the “Tornabởi Barb”, “WW Barb”, or “Whirly-Barb”.


Frenzy Barb: Using the Frenzy skill, this type of Barbarian specializes in wielding dual weapons and khuyến mãi massive amounts of damage khổng lồ single enemies. It’s popular for its rapid movement and attack tốc độ.


Berserker: This is the ultimate damage build. The Berserk skill converts all physical damage lớn magical, overriding physical immunities. Its drawbaông xã is the minimum defense. Thus there are two ways lớn set up the Berserker. You can play either with a shield & a one-handed weapon or with a two-handed weapon.


Concentrator: The “Conc Barb” relies mostly on his defense rather than dealing massive amounts of damage. He focuses on skills such as Battle Orders, Concentrate, & Bash. Also, he can buff his allies, resulting in a great tank for every buổi tiệc nhỏ.

Dragoon or Leaper: This quality type of Barbarian is designed for PvE, as it’s slow for PvPhường fights. The primary skills are the Leap & the Leap Attaông xã. They allow the character lớn jump into the air avoiding incoming missiles & ignoring slow effects.

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Axethrower: or else known as the “Circus Barb” or “Double Throw Barb” is a ranged build that uses Throwing weapons such as Javelins, Axes, và Knives. Its primary attachồng is the Double Throw. Howl, Taunt, and Battle Cry are its support skills.


Immortal King Barbarian: This built utilizes the Immortal King set for its high elemental resistances and powerful bonuses. It’s more effective sầu in combination with Whirlwind. However, it requires a lot of points in Strength.


Executioner: It specializes in one-hit kills using the Deadly Attack, taking advantage of effects lượt thích Open Wounds and Crushing Blow. The executioner is powerful versus large groups of enemies with the proper weapons.


Horker or Gold Find Barb: A special category of the class that focuses on gambling & finding gold. It makes sense to lớn gamble only if you are above 93 level though.


Singer: This Barbarian is based on the War Cry skill, acting as a support member of a các buổi party. The high mamãng cầu costs require the character lớn have a caster mix up. It’s not designed for PvP. fights and it’s not recommended for solo PvE.

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