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If you have any pressing business left in Cabal 2, don’t put it off for too long. ESTsoft announced last week that it will be sunsetting the fantasy MMO sometime in the coming months.

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“It is with heavy hearts that we announce that Cabal 2 will be closing its doors in the months ahead,” the studio said. “Unfortunately, Cabal 2 didn’t resonate with as many players as we had hoped, and its continued operation is no longer sustainable. We recognize that many of you will be disappointed by this news, & rightly so.”

ESTsoft said that it is working on further posts with more details of how the shutdown of the game in the west will unfold. As for right now, players can no longer refill eCoins và purchase duration-based items.

Cabal 2 launched in July năm ngoái, billing itself as an MMO with a fast-paced, combo-combat system. MJ wasn’t that impressed with it when she gave sầu it a try shortly afterward, nominating it as a title likely to flop in the coming years.

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So i saddly came to lớn know about this a while ago.I won’t lie that i didn’t see this coming, i have very much been part of a ton of mmorpgs on the now gone, boom of mmorpgs around 2005 or so & i remember stumbling upon the first Cabal online.

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Like that game a lot, played a good ton. Was excited when they teased a sequel, but as i predicted, it will kết thúc in ruin.These guys took so long to release lớn the west, that it became a lost cause, it was dumb from the start to keep the west on the dark for so long & when they did, it was too late.

It doesn’t help that they failed to bring the best aspects from the first cabal, most remarkably the amazing way they made the full bộ system. It just wasn’t the same game, it looks alike yes, but it was.It didn’t st& out và was instead trying hard lớn copy other games, has evidenced on the first trailers and the erasure of the blader class to make way for a traditional tư vấn class.

I am sort of aware how stupid it is lớn post on a random blog, on the least popular topic in the world, but i had to chia sẻ this.This game, like the editor points out, it was destined lớn fail.

They really shouldn’t have sầu forsaken the west audience like they did, it was outright disrespectful lớn launch the game 2 or so years later và they payed the price. I am just genuinely sad for anyone who tried to lớn keep this alive và those who lost their jobs over this mess.

Same with Phantasy star online 2, i guess, that one dodged a bullet since at least the game is sort of its only competitor.

Here is to see if they actuality learn from their mistakes, for their sake, i hope so.The xenophobia sort of had a karma effect.

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