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2019 is shaping up lớn be a busy year for Muay Tnhị superstar, Buakaw Banchamek, và an exciting one for his fans. After 2 headlining stints on All Star Fight since the start of the year, another sizzling matchup is on the card for the global fighting icon.

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Come 8 October, Buakaw will make his promotional debut for the game-changing Martialism Square (MAS Fight). He is mix to lớn take on one of the most notable adversaries in his career: the Shaolin monk, Yi Long.

MAS Fight held a press conference on Monday, 11 March at the Pathumwan Princess Hotel lớn officially announce this upcoming battle. Hosted by MAS Fight CEO, Mr Tony Chen và director, Mr Sasan Ghosairi, the spotlight of the media sự kiện was naturally on the 2 leading men.

MAS CEO, Mr Tony Chen with the 2 fighters

Three years on since their last memorable fight in 2016, the foes are now mix for what could be the concluding chapter of a trilogy.

At one win to lớn each fighter, this could be the last opportunity for both parties lớn settle the score once and for all.

Under the MAS Fight rules, Buakaw & Yi Long will go head to lớn head in one single round condemo of 9 minutes in stand up combat. Knees, punches, kicks & elbows are all fair game, & throws (sweeps, trips) are also allowed.

There will be no judges to score the fight and winning is by knockout ONLY. In the event where there is no knockout, the fight will be ruled as a draw.

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The Muay Tnhì superstar is expected to lớn go all out to set the record straight and avenge the controversial loss in the two fighters’ second meet.

However, taking inkhổng lồ consideration Yi Long’s notorious iron jaw, the match up is not as one-sided as many might think. With MAS’ “win only by KO” rule, 5oz MAS Fight gloves & a 9-minute round, anything can happen.

“I don’t want to talk about the results of the past fights. I am definitely looking forward to lớn this fight. Personally, I think the MAS rules are very fair… The goal is lớn knock hlặng out because it is the only way lớn win”, said Buakaw.


Here’s where it gets even more interesting: the organizers are introducing a crowd/fans-funded incentive for the winner of the fight in a winner-takes-all encounter.

The Banchamek camp is putting in a 50 million Thai baht side bet as a start, and Buakaw is also putting his purse on the line. Yi Long agreed lớn the terms without hesitation. The Shaolin monk added,

“If I win this fight, I will put the money to good use by working with the organizers và non-profit organizations to help the underprivileged.”

MAS Fight has a series of events lined up around Asia in the months leading up to the climactic showdown between Buakaw & Yi Long. Mr Tony Chen also revealed that organizers in Bangkok, Shangnhì và Hong Kong are now contesting to lớn be the host country for the October 8 historical sự kiện.

Ticketing & venue information will be released in the coming months. Stay tuned for more updates on the sự kiện.

Update: The fight was called off after Yi Long sustained an injury during training ahead of the sự kiện.

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