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Boruto Chapter 60 Analysis: An Emotional Ride!

Filled with amazing developments, Boruto Chapter 60 covered a range of topics from Code và Eida’s Joint Venture, to lớn Sumire’s growing distrust towards Amado

Chapter 60 of the Boruto manga was a slow but super emotional ride. Filled with amazing developments, the chapter covered a range of topics from Code & Eida’s Joint Venture, lớn Sumire’s growing distrust towards Amado, the effects of Amado’s pills and Kawaki’s new “home”. Since we have so much to lớn cover, let’s not waste time and jump right into the chapter analysis! 

For this chapter analysis, let’s break it down in sequence và understand whatever there is lớn the scenes in detail!

Code’s Abilities:

The first thing that Boruto chapter 60 reveals is Code’s abilities from Shikamaru’s perspective. As we had guessed before, Code’s power nguồn allows him to pass through his claw’s marks, no matter the distance. This is exactly lượt thích Minato’s Flying Raijin ability. However, we don’t believe that Code’s ability is as fast as the Flying Raijin.

While Amado said that Code can move instantaneously, it should take at least a second or two for him khổng lồ move through the marks. Nonetheless, Shikamaru did a good job figuring out Code’s abilities and how he was able lớn guard Ten-Tails.

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Search for Code:

Everything that Konoha has learned about Code came from their investigation to find him. They’ve found his claw marks near Konoha và all the other villages have reported sightings of such marks as well.


Shikamaru isn’t sure about what the next right step would be, since he knows that Code can barge in whenever he wants to lớn with these marks; but this could very well be a decoy to lớn spread their resources thin as well. They also tried lớn interrogate a bunch of Kara Outers but lớn no avail. Sai and Shikamaru decide that their best bet is to keep a watch at these markers and Code’s targets: namely Naruto, Kawaki, Boruto, Amado and Sasuke.

With a quick page showing Konoha’s ninjas keeping an eye on Kawaki (implying the same for others as well), we shift to lớn a conversation between Sumire and the always enigmatic và sus doc Amado.

Sumire’s confrontation:

Sumire asks Amado about what he plans to do with Kawaki after implementing the boy with a Karma seal. Khổng lồ this, Amado replies that while he isn’t trying lớn hide anything, he doesn’t want to cốt truyện it with Sumire since it is a personal matter but will nội dung it with Kawaki.

He also tried to assure Sumire that her fears are baseless & he has no intention of doing Konoha wrong. Knowing that Amado won’t reveal anything, she switches the topic khổng lồ what Amado is working on, i.e. The container.Amado directly asks her khổng lồ leave, which only fuels the suspicion.


Seeing this, Amado reminds her that he has no intention to bởi anything wrong to lớn Konoha & that he has already discussed the matter with Katasuke.The scientist states that his next work shall become a powerful Ally. While we don’t know who or what it is, there’s a chance that it could be Kashin Koji or even Delta.

However, there’s a chance that it might be someone else! We believe that whoever it may be, they’ll resemble someone from Konoha since it seems lượt thích Amado likes khổng lồ pay homage to the past’s heroes. For example, Kashin Koji is a clone of Jiraiya, Code’s powers are similar to lớn the Flying Raijin, Delta’s ability inspired from the Rinnegan, etc.

Boruto’s pills:

During all of this, we also see Boruto talk about his pills for a brief moment. It seems like nothing has changed over the course of a week, however, we know that this won’t be the same later. While many are wondering what the side effect could be, we believe that it could cause Boruto lớn have fits. The pill shouldn’t be able lớn control Momoshiki completely, và he’d lash out in ways using Boruto’s body, further feeding Boruto’s fear of hurting his loved ones.

Code & Eida’s Joint Venture:

Daemon seems to be having a great time riding Code’s shoulders & meeting his old friend Bug. During this, Code uses his abilities to lớn get a grasp of Daemon’s reflexes and abilities. Daemon seems to lớn have super fast reflexes and it seems lượt thích he has a few more things up his sleeve.

Code also explains that he can “teleport” one person at a time using his claw marks.While Daemon was about khổng lồ reveal his card after Code asked him to, Eida stops her brother from doing so.


This basically confirms that Daemon’s ability is more than just reflecting attacks. It seems lượt thích Daemon’s body reacts to attacks subconsciously. We can’t really guess more since there’s zero information about him. It is also revealed that Eida has more abilities as well! While the ability itself hasn’t been revealed yet, we think that this ability is linked with Daemon in a way or the other. Maybe they both need to bởi it together or it’s a combination attack of sorts. There’s no way khổng lồ know right now since we’ve only recently met them.

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Kawaki’s new “home”:

Kawaki notices that people are looking at him even while he’s simply moving around the town. He remembers that Shikadai mentioned that there were both false & true rumours about him. Unsure about his presence in Konoha, he wonders if what Jigen or rather Isshiki said is actually true.

Kawkai was sitting on đứng top of Naruto’s statue with a riceball & some water, gazing down on the village.Kawaki is interrupted by Naruto, who tells Kawaki khổng lồ come back trang chủ and have dinner with the family. Kawaki denies it và says that he wants to lớn eat something else since he’s bored of Hinata’s cooking.Like anyone else, na-ru-to knows that Kawaki is lying.He tells Kawaki lớn come up with a better excuse next time since Kawaki’s never left a single grain of food on his plate.


This is because Kawaki understands the importance of food, và has never been taken care of so much before in his life.Understanding that excuses are of no use against the Hokage, Kawaki talks his heart out. He says that he likes gazing down upon the village from this spot, he likes khổng lồ look at the village the Nanadaime protects. But, he believes that there isn’t a spot for him in the village. He doesn’t blame it on the people; rather, he says that he is a troublesome outsider who has threatened this village’s peaceful life.

Furthermore, Kawaki even says that he was cocky & naive before và that Isshiki was right. But even before Kawaki could complete this sentence, naruto picks him up and carries him on his shoulder. Kawaki seemed khổng lồ have panicked a bit, yelling at Naruto khổng lồ put him down & then

Naruto says “Jigen, Isshiki…who cares? I certainly don’t. We’re going home, My stupid son.” This completely calms Kawaki down and he obediently goes back home with Naruto. There, he’s met with his family, Boruto, Himawari and Hinata who welcome him warmly at the dinner table. Since things have finally settled down a little, they decided to throw a welcoming các buổi party for Kawaki!

Ugh, my heart *sniffs*. My throat became lump & my eyes felt watery as soon as I read the “my stupid son” dialogue. God, that was beautiful. Naruto always had his way with words, và it always amazes me somehow.

Boruto lends his ninja headband to Kawaki until he gets his own, & it’s such a wholesome moment. He actually looks pretty cool too! One thing to chú ý was that Brouto kept using “if & when”. Here, he won’t force Kawaki lớn become a shinobi, he’s just letting him know that he can become a shinobi & pursue it if he wants to, he’d always be welcome. This is quite a nice touch lớn show that Boruto is perceptive và remembers that Kawaki is still unsure about a lot of things.

Another nice cảm ứng was Himawari using the vase that Kawaki fixed after breaking it. While he believed that the vase looked ugly, Himawari insisted that it is even more precious to lớn her. This difference in opinion certainly comes from their upbringing. Boruto và Himawari grew up with two loving parents who always taught good values and the importance of one’s intention behind things. Whereas Kawaki never knew what a family was, he never understood the importance of the effort put by people since the only thing someone put an effort in was to lớn abuse him.

Then before sleeping, naruto talks lớn Kawaki a bit. He reminds Kawaki that his whole family thinks that Kawaki belongs here, at this house và he can live here for as long as he wants to. He also states that if Kawaki doesn’t feel the same about them eventually, then he has failed his job as the Hokage. Naruto assures Kawaki that they’re searching for Code & he doesn’t need lớn worry about it. After all, he’s in Konoha; a place where anyone can live in peace. He further says that if this isn’t true, then there’s no point in naruto being the Hokage.

This was another tear-jerker moment, you can feel Naruto’s expression; he means it from the bottom of his heart. He was an outcast, troublemaker và a threat to the village too; và now he stands proud as the Hokage và the anh hùng of the village. He’s come a long way, & he wants to make sure that no other kid ever goes through the same hardships as him; simply because no kid deserves khổng lồ go through such hard times.

Later, Kawaki seems lớn be thinking that he belongs khổng lồ Konoha, sort of. While he doesn’t want khổng lồ resort to Karma, he believes that there’s another way through which he can protect his beloved Hokage and Konoha.

Final thoughts:

This was an amazing chapter. While people are complaining about the slow pacing and Kawaki’s heavy screen time; we find these things to be essential instead. Boruto Manga had been riding the Shinkansen for a while, speeding through important stops like the Chunin Exams etc etc. I’m glad that the manga’s pacing has become similar lớn Naruto’s since Kishimoto’s return. He’s taking his time exploring themes and building up characters for their respective climaxes.

We find Kawaki’s screen time lớn be similar khổng lồ that of Sasuke’s in the naruto series. Both of them were the main characters alongside Boruto & Naruto respectively, and the two also received heavy screentime to help build up their characters well.

I’m looking forward to seeing Code and Eida’s next move and also see Kawaki’s further progression; how he completely comes to terms with accepting his new family (if he ever does, that is). I also love how Kishimoto sensei keeps reminding us that Naruto’s life has come in a full circle and just how much na-ru-to has grown over these years.

With that said, what are your thoughts on the chapter? What vị you think about Daemon và Eida’s abilities? Let us know your thoughts on Boruto Chapter 60 below!

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