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No matter how satisfied you’re with your MacBook, Windows can also have something to offer that macOS lacks. For example, a lot of exclusive software and đoạn clip games aren’t compatible with macOS. Luckily, many Macs can run Windows just fine. In this guide, we’ll show you how to install Windows 10 on your Mac via Boot Camp. Let’s dive in.

Switching from Windows lớn Mac?

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Check your Mac’s requirements

Before you start, check out the following things:

You must have at least 64GB of miễn phí storage space on your machine, though táo bị cắn says 128GB provides the best experience. Lớn find out how much không tính tiền storage space you have available on your Mac, go khổng lồ Apple thực đơn > About This Mac > Storage.

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Does Boot Camp work on m1 Macs?

Apple has made the decision not to tư vấn using Boot Camp khổng lồ run Windows on apple silicon Macs. Anyway, don’t get upset. You can use Parallels or other Virtual Machines if you own an m1 Mac. The installation process is similar to using Boot Camp in some ways. We’ll talk about running Windows on VMs in the How to lớn run Windows in a Virtual Machine section of this guide. Keep reading.

How khổng lồ prepare your Mac for Windows install

Before going any further:

Step 1: Make sure your Mac máy tính xách tay is connected to lớn a power nguồn source, as the entire process may take several hours.

Step 2: See if your Mac has enough disk space.

The reason 128GB of không lấy phí space is recommended is Boot Camp for Mac (or Mac Boot Camp, whatever you prefer) essentially divides your hard drive into two: one for Mac and one for Windows. Automatic Windows Updates require 64GB storage, so 128GB gives your Mac plenty of storage to operate.


Apple’s danh sách of machines officially available for Boot Camp all came with 128GB storage as a standard. Again, any Mac with as little as 64GB of không lấy phí space will work, but performance will suffer once you start getting below 128GB.

Boot Camp on Mac will not provide more room for Windows than for Mac. Simply put, the software divides your storage space into two equal parts; if you have 100GB không tính phí space on your machine, it will not afford more than 50GB to Windows, which we know is inadequate. It will not allow 64GB for Windows và 36GB for Mac.

Step 3: On top of that, you’ll need a USB flash drive with at least 16GB of free space lớn install Windows 10 for Mac using Apple’s Boot Camp. The exception here would be the following machines running macOS El Capitan (10.11) or later, which don’t require a USB drive:

MacBook introduced in 2015 or laterMacBook Air introduced in 2017 or laterMacBook Pro introduced in năm ngoái or lateriMac introduced in 2015 or lateriMac Pro (all models)Mac Pro introduced in late 2013 or later.

Step 4: Make sure your macOS is up to lớn date before setting Boot Camp khổng lồ reduce the possibility of experiencing issues with the installation. Go to lớn Apple menu > System Preferences. Then click Software Update. If there’s an update, follow the instructions. If prompted, allow your machine to restart. Repeat the following procedures to kiểm tra for more updates after your Mac restarts. Continue until System Preferences no longer show any new updates.

Step 5: download the Windows 10 ISO. The ISO file is a disk image; there’s nothing fancy about it. It’s simply the archived version of any platform, lượt thích Windows. When you tải về the Windows 10 ISO file, you’re simply downloading the latest version of Windows.

Before you start, be sure your USB drive is plugged into your Mac. Then, take the following steps:

Select which version of Windows 10 you want from the drop-down thực đơn (Windows 10 is likely the only option here)Click ConfirmFrom the drop-down menu, select the language you’d like for your version of Windows 10 for MacClick ConfirmChoose 64-bit DownloadIn the popup, select your USB drive from the Where drop-down menuClick Save.

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How to lớn Install Windows 10 on Mac with Boot Camp

Once you’ve downloaded the Windows 10 ISO onto your USB drive, make sure you backup your Mac using Time Machine or a method of your choice. Then, follow these steps:

On your Mac, go to lớn Finder > Applications > Utilities > Boot Camp AssistantClick ContinueIf the system doesn’t automatically find your ISO image on your attached USB drive, select Choose to lớn find its locationA slider may appear, showing Boot Camp is allowing 48GB for Windows. This is Apple’s default setting. Again, Windows 10 requires at least 64GB, and 128GB is preferred. If you see the slider, drag it to lớn allow Windows as much room as is necessary to lớn operate comfortablyClick InstallType in your Mac’s passwordClick OK.

Your Mac will restart. Instead of the normal macOS booting operation, you’ll see a Windows loading screen. You’re essentially starting fresh here. Now, perform these steps:

Choose your language for Windows 10 on Boot CampClick Install NowThen click NextSelect Custom: Install Windows OnlyClick Drive 0 Partition X: BOOTCAMPClick Next.

Windows is now being installed. Your Mac will restart a few times during this process. The first option you’re given is to use “express settings” or custom. Express settings are fine; you can change them later if you like.

It will also ask you lớn enter a username và password for this Windows 10 partition, just as you have lớn log in to lớn your Mac using macOS. After you’ve done so, click Next. Windows 10 will now boot on your Mac.

How to lớn install Boot Camp on your Windows 10 partition

The first time you open Windows 10 on your Mac, a window will automatically appear for installing the Boot Camp tải về onto your Windows 10 partition. This is a critical step; it downloads drivers & software necessary lớn maximize your Windows 10 experience on Mac & allows for seamless switching between the two platforms.

When you see the Boot Camp popup, take the following steps:

Click InstallAccept the terms và conditionsThen click InstallClick Finish once the installation has been completed.

How khổng lồ return to macOS from a Windows 10 partition

There are two ways khổng lồ go about this. The first is khổng lồ select the show hidden icons option on the Windows 10 taskbar at the bottom of the screen. It will give you the option lớn restart in macOS. Clicking this will automatically reboot your computer into the Mac environment you’re comfortable with.

That’s a one-way street, though. A better practice to get into is simply restarting your Mac and holding down the Option key during installation. A boot thực đơn will appear, giving you the option to boot into macOS or Windows. This method is a touch longer but is better if you need to lớn navigate between the two operating systems often.

How to run Windows in a Virtual Machine

Virtualization programs such as Parallels allow you to lớn create a Virtual Machine that mimics the hardware of a Windows PC. So you can create a VM on your Mac (even if it’s not Intel-based) and then install Windows 10. See how you can vì chưng it in our guide.

Do you really need Windows 10 for Mac?

Before heading down the Boot Camp Windows 10 for Mac route, think about whether or not you really need it. If you were using Microsoft Paint to vị things lượt thích annotate images, Capto is a great alternative for Mac. It has a simple, easy-to-use interface that allows you to bởi vì things like địa chỉ thought bubbles và text lớn images. You can also perform many of Microsoft Paint’s more popular functions lượt thích drawing or paint-filling a selection.

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