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Blade và Soul Revolution is an open-world kích hoạt RPG that features action-packed combat with flashy skills and fluid combos, pitting players against the various monsters and enemies in PvE or competent other players in PvP. You can summon at least one pet to accompany you through your journey. These adorable critters are not just for display though; they have useful perks & buffs that even strengthen your character. In this page, we will discuss the pet management basics.

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What are Pets?

These are small, adorable companions that you can summon by your side. While they’re accompanying you, they’ll provide various stats, buffs, & more stamina. You can summon at least one pet lớn accompany you through your journey, but you can own several of them and swap them out as needed. To lớn access the Pet Menu, you can mở cửa the main menu, select Item, then choose Pet. Alternatively, you can access it by opening the character info screen, tap the Paw Print tab then tap Manage.


Pets in the trò chơi also have different grades. Higher grade pets will have better stats và skills compared to lớn the lower grade pets. A pet’s nickname also has some effect on its stats; pets with the same name can have different special stats depending on their nicknames. Every pet has a buff that decreases stamina consumption, regardless of grade.There are also several upgrade and improvement options for pets, which we will discuss in detail below.

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How lớn get More Pets?

You’ll get a default pet as soon as the feature is unlocked in the story. From there, you can get more pets by purchasing Pet Chests through the in-game shop. These chests can be purchased using silver; however, the best pets are of course locked behind the premium currency. Don’t let that dissuade you though; there are a lot of pets for F2P players and they’ll provide much needed benefits compared to not summoning one.

Pet Management

This is the mặc định tab where you can manage your pets. First, pets will deplete their own energy as long as they’re summoned. You can see this in their Pet Pod meter, the blue gauge in the lower-left of the Pet Management screen. To lớn recharge this gauge, you’ll need to lớn use Pet Pods. You can purchase them from the Pet Shop, Clan Shop, or get them by chance upon failing Pet Upgrade. The amount of pet pod energy replenished by the thành quả depends on the pet’s grade that it was used on. You can also set the auto-usage of pet pods by tapping the mini-bag icon in the middle-right, just beside the potions.

How to Upgrade Pets

You can select 3 khổng lồ 6 pets lớn use as upgrade materials. The more you use as materials, the higher the chance of success for the nâng cấp attempt. You can only use pets of the same grade. You can get a random pet of a higher grade for a successful tăng cấp attempt.
If your tăng cấp attempt fails, the materials used will be lost but you’ll get consolation items like Pet Aura or Guardian Stones. Pet Auras are used as material khổng lồ craft Heroic Pet Chests & Legendary Pet Chests. Heroic Pet Chest need 35 Pet Aura while Legendary Pet chests will require 200 pieces. Guardian Stones are required for Ascending pets.

How khổng lồ Ascend Pets

Pet Ascension is basically leveling it up/reinforcing it to increase its stats. You’ll need to use Guardian Stones lớn fill the pet’s ascension gauge as shown below. There are three grades of Guardian Stones: Normal, Premium, và Super. The amount of progress added to lớn the ascension gauge will depend on the grade of the guardian stone, with the Super Guardian Stone providing the highest progress to the gauge. You can buy a weekly supply of normal & super guardian stones from the in-game shop.

How lớn Fuse Pets

Pet Fusion is the process of combining two pets of the same grade lớn get a random one. You can select either you want khổng lồ Change Special Option or Change appearance. When selecting Change Special Option, only the special option will change. The pet selected as material is irrelevant. Selecting Change Appearance changes the pet"s type.Take lưu ý that even pets of the same grade have different base stats depending on type. The resulting pet post-fusion will have a different type khổng lồ the pets used as materials.
That concludes our short guide about Blade & Soul Revolution’s Pet system. Please kiểm tra out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips và information about the game.
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