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Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular và are currently the new home page standard. While many smart home page solutions on the market are just at the beginning stage, in khung of home automation, or yet a whole comprehensive sầu system, Smarttrang chủ has been a comprehensive and complete solution. Since its inception, has been equipped with a full range of sound, security, control & voice systems in Vietnamese, etc. is also the first manufacturer in Viet Nam to achieve CE certification (a mandatory standard for goods lớn enter the European market) since năm ngoái in the field of smart home.

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* is a comprehensive smart trang chủ system is a complete smart trang chính system thanks to lớn its superior technology, easily integrated with all available terminals on the market. The central system is equipped with the HomeOS operating system, which has a high degree of stability & integration, allowing the connection of all security devices, cameras and sound, etc inkhổng lồ a comprehensive system. This is what most other smart trang chính solutions on the market have sầu not achieved yet. The multi-zone sound system of, for example, is a dedicated entertainment system, not simply a music player via Wi-Fi or Công nghệ Bluetooth. In addition, most of the solutions on the market are either deploying independent security camera system or integrating devices in a mere formal way (link, app).


Security solution on system

Devices of Smarttrang chủ are designed sophisticatedly with advanced công nghệ và materials of high kết thúc and high durability. Smarttrang chủ allows you to easily control your home by using Vietnamese voice and through a 3 chiều visual interface on your smartphone or tablet, where the devices are simulated lượt thích they are used in real life. Therefore, when you need lớn control the devices at trang chủ, what you need to lớn bởi vì is to cliông chồng the icons of those devices on the control screen. When you want lớn open the curtain, just click on the curtain icon, when you want to control the air conditioner, you clichồng on the icon of air conditioner.

Normally when using smart homes, users have many different scenarios to choose. To use a scenario, users must tìm kiếm in a "bundle" of options khổng lồ activate them, causing inconvenience và loss of time. Smarttrang chủ offers smart contextual scenargame ios based on habits of users, making it easy to choose scenarquả táo.

Xem thêm: (Pdf) Khí Động Học Của Xe Ô Tô, Hiệu Suất Khí Động Học Trên Xe Đạp Trek also learns owners" habits of using. Smarttrang chủ itself will study the changes over time and over the situations of users & update the scenarquả táo accordingly. utilizes the wireless communication công nghệ to simplify the installation of devices, thereby saving time and cost.

* uses wireless communication technology và 3D visual interface on smartphone or tablet.


Last but not least, with, users can exploit the device in an optimal manner. A device in Smarttrang chủ can perform different functions at different times, which reduces the cost & creates convenience for the construction as well as home page beauty.

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