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Nakroth is probably the highest skill caped hero in Aremãng cầu of Valor. But if you manage to master hyên ổn, you will be the most unpredictable assassin on the battlefield và shred through anyone you please. By perfecting your skills you will find the absolute satisfaction of landing his engagements perfectly & butchering the entire enemy team or mess up & fly past them before they even realized your mistake. They’ll try and chase you across the bản đồ but to lớn no avail in most cases. This Aremãng cầu of Valor Nakroth Guide will be giving you the tips andtricks to become an advanced Nakroth who can carry a game with the insane mobility and burst damage provided.

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Who is Nakroth?

4. Bounce

S1 in to lớn knoông xã up the enemy, immediately S2 out, S1 out again, there should be no space in between casting the two skills. This will create an effect that makes Nakroth seem lớn “bounce” off his enemy. It đơn hàng less damage than the poke full bộ however it ensures a near-flawless escape as the bounce is so sudden the enemies have virtually no time khổng lồ CC you.

5. Passerby

S1 lớn engage và knoông xã up the enemy. S2 to lớn dash behind them. Immediately use the empowered auto-attack lớn hit them và use your second cast of S1 to lớn escape. This is another variation of poke & is used khổng lồ get to your desired location even if an enemy stands between you và it, you can choose khổng lồ skip the auto-attachồng if you want to get khổng lồ the location quicker and don’t really mean to poke the enemy.

Tips & Tricks to become an advanced Nakroth

Finally, here are some tips and tricks that we have sầu mentioned in our Aremãng cầu of Valor guide which will help you guide your way lớn become an advanced nakroth in the game.

Early Game

Always prioritize leveling up your 1st ability before second because it travels a longer distance and also has a knoông xã on the first cast. During the early game, it giao dịch more damage too, whereas late game the second ability (& an auto-attack) deals more damage. However note that during màn chơi 1 you could go for S2 và use it 2-3 seconds before the buff spawns (27-28s mark), this helps you clear jungle faster và should be considered. But if you value stability over speed S1 is the choice for you because in case someone invades your jungle, you will have two dashes khổng lồ escape or engage.

Obviously, always nâng cấp your ultimate as frequently as possible. Usually start at your xanh buff because Nakroth is very mamãng cầu reliant as he constantly spams his abilities khổng lồ dash across the field at high tốc độ, hence the xanh buff with its cooldown reduction and its mamãng cầu regeneration is highly beneficial for Nakroth.

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Picking Objectives

Nakroth is quite bad at team fights hence it is preferred that he picks off enemy squishies when they are alone and perhaps even recalling under a tower with low health, the mobility Nakroth provides can help you get in there, kill them và get out easily.

During team fights, Nakroth shouldn’t be quiông chồng to engage ( unless the enemy’s positioning is really bad )and wait till it is nearly over then decide whether khổng lồ split push or to lớn clean up.


During late game, don’t think that participating in team fights is the best way of contributing to lớn the game, consider split pushing & or “tower stealing” to lớn win the game or further pressure the enemy team, splitting up their forces.


Steal the enemy’s farm as much as possible. Economy leads are the key lớn winning especially with Nakroth. In order khổng lồ snowball và annihilate your opponents you must always have sầu the economy lead. In most cases, minion wave taxation is allowed and is something you definitely should vị, the only case where you shouldn’t vì it is when that laner is playing really well and destroying their opponent, in this case, you should just let them snowball & carry.

Our Suggestions

Nakroth is fun but hard to lớn play. So on your journey lớn mastering hyên, please be patient and hone your skills. Perfect it so that you can carry with this high-burst và high mobility assassin.

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