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Martinez Hall is closed to lớn walk-in traffic as a healthcare precaution and we request you liên hệ us by phone or email. If there is a special circumstance where an in-person meeting is needed, please liên hệ us by phone or email and we will arrange a meeting.

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Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, as a provider of essential services, VTC remained open & in fact housed, cared, và fed more Veterans than ever before.
We could not have sầu risen lớn this occasion without the tư vấn and generosity of our community and wish to thank the following for their commitment lớn helping homeless Veterans and their families

Veterans Transition Centerof Monterey County

When Fort Ord closed in 1994, The Vietphái nam Veterans of Monterey County began its efforts khổng lồ secure Martinez Hall, the VTC Headquarters, as well as many housing units, as Veteran organizations would get priority on housing under the McKinney-Venlớn Act.

Use a Mask

When should I use a mask?

If you are healthy, only wear a mask if you are caring for a person suspected of infection.

If you are coughing or sneezing.

How bởi I properly use a mask?

You MUST wash your hands immediately before putting the mask on.

Avoid touching your mask frequently, ensuring you are washing your hands regularly.

If the mask becomes damp, you must replace the mask.

Never re-use a single-use mask.

How vị I remove sầu a mask?

Remove the mask from behind, dispose immediately into lớn a bin with a lid, và wash your hands.

Wash Your Hands

How often should I wash my hands? And with what?

Wash your hands with an alcohol-based hvà soap or rub throughout the day whenever your hands may have come in liên hệ with an infected surface.

Maintain your Distance

How far away should I be from people?

Try to lớn maintain a distance of 3 feet between yourself & anyone who is coughing or sneezing.

Why vì chưng I need to lớn keep my distance?

When someone sneezes or coughs, they release small liquid droplets that could contain the virut. If you are too cthua thảm, you may breathe in the droplets.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose & mouth


Your hands touch many surfaces & can piông chồng up the virus. If contaminated, your hands can transfer the virut lớn these areas & it can enter your body.

Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough

Why vì I need to lớn cover my mouth?

The virus can be spread through liquid droplets that come from coughs and sneezes.

What bởi I cover my mouth with?

Cough or sneeze into lớn your elbow or a tissue. If into a tissue, dispose of the tissue immediately.

Go to lớn the Doctor if Experiencing Symptoms

What symptoms vị I need to lớn look out for?

If you have sầu a fever, cough, and/or difficulty breathing seek out a medical professional. Be sure to Hotline in advance so they can set up the proper protocol. The provider will direct you khổng lồ the proper facility for assistance in your local area.

Listen lớn your Doctor!

Why should I listen lớn my doctor, if there are articles online I can use khổng lồ treat myself?

Local providers are the most up-to-date on the best interventions for assisting anyone who is diagnosed.

You should dry your hands after washing with a paper towel after frequently washing with an alcohol-based soap.

Myth 2: UV lights can disinfect my hands.

No, this actually is more likely khổng lồ cause skin irritation.

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Myth 3: Spraying or ingesting alcohol or chlorine will kill the virut.

No, in fact these substances can be very harmful lớn your body và clothing. While these substances are effective sầu in cleaning household surfaces, they should not be used on the body toàn thân without appropriate recommendations by a medical professional.

Myth 4: You will get the virut if you open mail or a package from Đài Loan Trung Quốc.

No, the coronavirut is unable lớn live long enough on objects such as letters or packages.

Myth 5: I can get the vi khuẩn from my pets.

Currently, there is no current evidence that your pet can transfer the virus to lớn you. However, it is always better lớn be safe and wash your hands after touching your pets.

Myth 6: Vaccines lượt thích the flu và pneumonia vaccines can protect me against coronavirut.

No, the virut needs its own vaccine, and as it is very new, one has not been developed.

Myth 7: If I rinse my nose with saline, it will prevent the coronavi khuẩn.

While there is some evidence to lớn show people have recovered from the common cold quicker using this method, there is no evidence that this assists with respiratory infections lượt thích the coronavirus.

Myth 8: Eating garlic will prsự kiện the coronavirut.

There is no evidence lớn tư vấn this, although it is always good to eat healthy in general lớn boost your system.

Myth 9: If I put sesame seed oil on my body toàn thân, it will block the vi khuẩn.

Sesame seed oil does not kill the new virus.

Myth 10: Only old people & children will get the virus.

People of all ages can be infected with the virut. However, the elderly & people with pre-existing medical conditions seem more susceptible khổng lồ becoming more severely ill.

Myth 11: If I take antibiotics, I cannot get infected.

No, antibiotics only work against bacterial infections, not viral infections.

Myth 12: There HAS khổng lồ be a medicine to treat this.

To date, there is no medications that is specifically used khổng lồ treat this vi khuẩn.

**VTCstronglyurges you khổng lồ talk with medical professionals regarding prevention và treatment of the coronavirus. Please bởi vì NOT utilize home remedies. If you are experiencing symptoms, or are diagnosed, please notify your assigned CM by phone

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