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We"ve had other aut0-battlers, but the original was auto Chess. It"s seen plenty of success on điện thoại phones, particularly in China, but now tự động Chess is coming to PC, it"s time khổng lồ see what it"s all about. In our time with the game, it"s not been immediately obvious what everything all means và the súc tích of how bonuses work. But don"t worry, we"ve sunk a lot of time into the game to try & make everything as clear as is physically possible.

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Auto Chess PC guide

Our Auto Chess PC guide has the basics of how to lớn play, including how to make as much money as possible, as well as some Auto Chess strategy & tipsto get you started, and links to all the units stats và skills, and the all-important Auto Chess cheat sheets.

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Download tự động Chess PC

In order to lớn play tự động Chess, you will need to tải về the game via the Epic trò chơi Store. Simply tải về the Epic trò chơi Store client, then install & log into it. You will then be able lớn "purchase" the game when it"s available and install it onto your computer. Once installed, open it up và it will ask you to lớn register.

If you find there are issues with registering an tự động hóa Chess account on your PC, lượt thích bringing up a fully Chinese trang web that asks you for information you can"t possibly provide, you can instead create an tài khoản using tự động Chess mobile.

Go lớn either the Google Play or the quả táo store, depending on your mobile phone of choice, và make sure you tải về the game "Auto Chess: Origin". This is a particularly key point for any android phones as there are copycats out there. Download the app and use that lớn sign up for the trò chơi by following the on-screen instructions.


I would suggest making the trò chơi send the verification code via e-mail so that you can then put any further correspondence into junk should you so wish, rather than send them your phone number.

Once you"ve set up & are at the stage where the mobile game is setting up the tutorial, then you can go back lớn the PC game, using your email address & password you just mix up to log in, ensuring your hệ thống is set to your region. You should be greeted with a message confirming that the login was successful. You shouldn"t need lớn go through all these steps, but the alternative is there just in case.


Once you"re in the tự động hóa Chess lobby, there are several options you should probably get acquainted with:

Homepage -This is where you can mix the mode. Casual mode is unlocked from the start & Ranked mode unlocks at player level 4. Novice và Fantasy are currently locked. You can also create custom rooms.Warehouse -This is where you can change your Chess Player, Chessboard, Battle effects, and Chat emoticons.Illustration -Here you can get a detailed description of all of the Auto Chess pieces, including race & class, stats for all three-star ranks, and the piece"s ability.Gacha -This requires Gacha tokens to lớn use. Each one costs 880 candy, which is obtained by playing và winning games. There will likely be a size of premium currency that will also fund the Gacha machine, which gives you a random item.

In order khổng lồ begin playing a game, head into the Homepage & click Start to join a random lobby.

You may find that you are disconnected from your game. If this happens, don"t worry. Simply log back in & you should reconnect khổng lồ the trò chơi you were currently playing.


Auto Chess cheat sheets

Given just how complicated tự động hóa Chess can get, here are some cheat sheets khổng lồ get you started. These cheat sheets include one for the races & classes that are in the game, while the second (and in my opinion the more important one) includes all the công trình recipes in the game.

If you have a second monitor, you can use these cheat sheets, which are rendered at 1440p resolution lớn fit everything in. Vì keep looking back as we will be updating these cheat sheets to reflect any patches that modify stats for each of the items.

Cheat sheet created by Ollie Toms

Auto Chess items

Above is theAuto Chess itemscheat sheetwhich contains the Base Items that you can get from the minion phases in each match. Towards the right-hand side, there are upgraded items which require certain combinations of items. In order to upgrade your items, you"ll need to bởi the following:

Access the bag at the bottom of the screen by clicking on the bag or pressing B on your keyboard.Click on one of the items that you can craft with. These have a red dot next to them when you can combine that item with another.Click the cửa nhà you want to create. You"ll only be able to create the cống phẩm if it"s flashing.Click the green button khổng lồ combine the items together.
Cheat sheet created by Ollie Toms

Auto Chesstier list

The other cheat sheet we have for you is the Auto Chess cheat sheetfor races & classes. Each Race & Class has a mô tả tìm kiếm of what each stage of the trait does, the thresholds in the top-right corner, how good they are - determined by tiers, & the icons of the various chess pieces that are of that particular Race or Class. Each one of the chess piece icons has an icon underneath, which indicates the other race or classes of that chess piece.

As this is rather confusing at the moment, the stats that are shown in-game are base figures that are stacked on vị trí cao nhất of the previous bonuses. For example, the Cave Clan in-game says that at 2 chess pieces of that trait, both of the Cave Clan gain 250HP, while at 4 chess pieces it adds an additional 350HP for a total of 600HP.

Because this is so confusing and having hard figures is much better, the Auto Chesstier list cheat sheet above displays all of the figures with all previous bonuses added up.


How lớn play tự động Chess

For beginners, it may be unclear How khổng lồ play tự động hóa Chess at first glance. Tự động hóa Chess is an 8-player PvP strategy game, played over the course ofmultiple rounds. The aim of the game is lớn reduce your opponent"s health from 100 to zero, without your health running out which would eliminate you from the game.

To bởi this, players will need lớn save gold via a few different methods, including accumulating interest based on the gold held by the player, win or loss streaks, and winning rounds. Gold is spent on chess pieces, each one with its own race và classes that when combined on the board will grant bonuses. More on that in ourAuto Chess tier danh mục cheat sheet above that goes into the Race và Classes.

Gold is also used lớn increase player level at 4XP for 5 gold. You"ll automatically gain 1XP each round, & each màn chơi up allows you lớn place up to that number of chess pieces onto the board.

You are actively encouraged to lớn upgrade the star rank of each of the chess pieces. To vị this, buy three of any star rank 1 chess piece to upgrade to star rank 2 - which has improved stats. Once you"ve done this, you"ll need six more star rank 1 chess pieces of that particular unit khổng lồ create two more star rank 2 chess pieces. Upon making the third star rank 2 chess piece, you"ll be able khổng lồ automatically upgrade lớn star rank 3, which has even better stats than star rank 2.

There will also be items obtained via the boss piece stages, which can be equipped onto different pieces. Each piece is one of the multiple traits in the game, including at least one race and one class. Building synergies is key lớn game-winning team builds.It"s slightly similar khổng lồ Teamfight Tactics in how items can be combined to lớn make more powerful items, but the limits of what can be held by the player và each chess piece are different. You can look at theAuto Chess items cheat sheetin the previous section.

While players are able khổng lồ tinker with the tự động Chess piece positions, which items they have equipped in each of their six slots, và the composition of their chess piece roster, they don"t have any control over each of the battles. Each game takes up to 40 minutes to lớn play, depending on the closeness of the game.

Auto-battlers rely on managing your economy, knowing when to buy the correct piece for your team comp, levelling up your Player cấp độ to increase the number of playable pieces, và in the case of auto Chess, knowing when to lớn combine items for your best pieces. You can look at the bottom of the page for the bestAuto Chess strategy và tips.


Auto Chess positioning

Positioning is key lớn winning games in auto Chess.Each chess piece has its own range that you can see what that is by clicking and dragging your chosen piece. Any area in red is the attack range.

Strategies are still being discovered for where best to put your chess pieces, but the general gist is that there are some chess pieces that excel in the back-line and others that should be placed up-front. Assassins can take up the back row as they will leap to the enemy"s backline.

If you are finding that you"re being beaten with similar chess pieces on each side and even the star ranks are comparable, then try khổng lồ shift your pieces khổng lồ the side, or the middle. Giving your chess pieces extra time khổng lồ attack or stay alive could be the difference between winning & losing rounds.

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Auto Chess strategy và tips

As for other general advice, here are the ten đứng top beginner"s tips that you should take into consideration before và while playing online against real players in your first dozen or so matches.

1) In the early game, if you can"t find the chess piece you"re looking for, don"t spend money on a reroll.Instead, you should save the money for later turns so that you have more gold to spend when it matters the most.2) Know where khổng lồ find the stats for chess piece and their synergies.You can get individual information by right-clicking on a piece or look at the left of the screen to lớn see the synergies.3) Adapt your strategy khổng lồ suit your current situation. If you thua trận the earliest attack phase, carry on losing to increase the amount of gold you can accumulate. Just don"t go crazy with the losses.4) High-level players tend lớn buy & sell chess pieces that they may not want. You"re denying your opponents their choice of chess pieces, which can be good for the mid-late game. You can always sell them back and earn back the spent gold if needed.5) Make sure you use the mini-map so that you get a look at enemy team compositions. You can bởi this by using the mini-map at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, or by using the hotkeys 1 and 2.6)During the late game, change your position.If you find yourself suddenly losing khổng lồ enemy teams, it may be that they"ve adjusted their positions.7)Learn some recipes off by heart ahead of time, or write them down.In the heat of a game, a misplaced thành tựu can turn an otherwise flawless trò chơi into one that spirals out of control. Choose a bunch of items that you reckon would be beneficial and save your basic items until you have the correct items lớn make the desired combined item. You can drag one thành tựu onto another one khổng lồ see what you can currently make.8) Several things affect which chess pieces are available from the shop. These include pieces that have been bought by other players, as well as your Player Level. If you"re not seeing enough of the better tier units, spend some cash into Player Levels.9) Don"t be afraid lớn sell upgraded chess pieces.The pieces of higher tiers have better overall stats aside from health, so sell off weaker chess pieces unless you"ve managed khổng lồ progress their star rank to level 3.10) Also, don"t be afraid to lớn stack items.There are occasions when having more than once copy of an nhà cửa for a chess piece may be beneficial.11)Make sure you keep up lớn date with how good chess pieces are.Auto-battlers tend lớn evolve quite a bit, particularly over the first few weeks.12) If you"re wondering why you"re losing late-game, think why that might be and adapt.Perhaps their positioning prioritises certain chess pieces, so counter-position khổng lồ target them. Maybe their comp counters yours? Is it too late to change your comp khổng lồ beat theirs? If you are able to alter your team, vì chưng so on the bench before deploying.13) Save money as much as possible as Strange Eggs could help complete your team comp.They allow you khổng lồ copy a chess piece of the same star rank.14) Don"t bother seeking khổng lồ upgrade to lớn Star Rank 2 with the Strange Egg. By the time you"ve upgraded it to lớn star rank 2, you may have passed enough chess pieces of the piece you want khổng lồ copy that just one will do.15) Above all else, don"t rest on your laurels in the mid-game. Your enemies may be sacrificing their teams in order khổng lồ build up their coffers. Keep looking at what your opponents are doing, then alter your strategy accordingly.

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