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Version: 2.5Publisher: www.valissoft.comFile Size: 219.23 KBDate: Mar 07, 2006Price: $14.95License: Free Trial SoftwareCategory: Automation SoftwareWindows Utilities

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AutoClicker PRO Download

AutoClicker PRO is a fully featured, easy lớn use, complete mouse macro system. While Autoclicker will automatically cliông xã the mouse for you in one spot however many times you lượt thích, AutoClicker PRO will not only cliông chồng, but cliông chồng & hold, drag, right clichồng, all at as many user definable places on your screen you"d like.

You can automate almost any repetitive sầu task that includes a lot of clicking on your screen. You can automate right clicking, automate copying & pasting text, automate clicking on multiple areas of the screen. You can develop Mouse Clicking Macro"s , save them to lớn a tệp tin, và have them available for use later, without having to recreate them. You can automate online games, you can automate power point presentations, automate webcams, refresh webpages, automatically cliông chồng on links in webpages, and you can NOW click with remarkable speed. AutoclickerPRO can clichồng as fast as 100 times a second.

NEW IN VERSION 2.5:1. Fixed bug where loading a previously saved menu didn"t work correctly2. Added more hotkey"s3. Added ability to lớn set your own key"s for the hot key"s4. Added ability lớn phối individual click times for click points5. Moved single cliông xã options area khổng lồ general options page

6. Complete Mouse Macro creation7. Can automate almost any mouse behavior: single click, double clichồng, clichồng và hold, release the button, & double click8. You can select, và drag và drop text or information9. Automate Webpage clicking10. Automate webcams, use autoclicker lớn clichồng the "take picture" button for you11. Automate Presentations, including power point presentations12. Automate Online Gaming13. Automate many repetitive tasks in full screen video games, online website based forms, spreadsheets, and even go between the two, for example, copying và pasting many lines of text into lớn and out of spreadsheets14. Stop the clicking, mix all manner of cliông xã points, all with hot key"s (no need to tweak screen coordinates)

Autoclicker PRO can also help lớn reduce the găng tay on your hands và wrists, as it can take over repetitive sầu mouse clicking and moving tasks for you, reducing your risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome, a painful và possibly debilitating wrist và fingers problem. The most comtháng factor that contributes to lớn carpal tunnel syndrome is repetitive finger or hand movements.The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $14.95, you can miễn phí tải về & get a không lấy phí trial.

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