The true origin of the founding titan, ymir, revealed

Attaông xã On Titan: Every Ymir Tichảy And Where They Are Right Now There are 9 Ymir Titans in the anime Attachồng On Tirã. But where are they right now? This danh sách should help you keep track of them all.

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Created by Hajime Isayama, Attack on Tichảy has been called one of the best animes ever created. Known for its action-packed and mystery filled episode, the upcoming season 4 has fans theorizing about the end of the beloved series. The 4th season will be the last and will possibly depict the over of the war between Marley & Eldia.

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Season 4 will probably explore more of the Nine Titan Powers that have been passed down through the Eldian people. After Ymir Fritz gained the Titung powers, she died and the power split inkhổng lồ nine titans, which could be transferred. So, here are the Nine Tichảy powers in the anime và where they are.

The Armored Tirã has hardened plates all over his toàn thân, which is very difficult khổng lồ break. The Tirã is intelligent lượt thích all the other Nine Titans, & can move swiftly & has a high level of endurance.

The Armored Tichảy is currently owned by Reiner Braun, a fellow member of Levi Squad, who works for Marley, & whose goal is to lớn capture Eren và gain the Tirã powers he possesses. He was last seen escaping the Scout regiment after they retook Wall Maria.

8 Founding Titan

The Founding Titan is the most powerful of all Titans and is only able to be used by someone of Royal Eldia Blood. It can control humans & Titans by screaming, except for people of a few other Royal bloodlines such as the Ackermans.

The Founding Tirã is currently in possession of Eren, who got it from Grisha. Grisha got it from eating Friedomain authority Reiss, the last royal inheritor of the Founding Titung power. Since Eren is not of royal blood, he cannot fully control the power, but he can use it to some extent, such as when he controlled the Titans in Shiniganshimãng cầu.

The Attaông xã Tichảy is known for always "fighting for the freedom of Eldia", và is currently in possession of Eren Jaeger. He inherited it from Grisha Jaeger, who in turn had got it after eating Eren Krueger.

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The Attaông xã Tirã has great physical endurance & fighting capacity. Unlượt thích the other Titans, he has no special or chất lượng abilities of his own but has learned the hardening ability with the use of a special serum.

6 Beast Titan

The Beast Tirã is one of a kind, having an ape-like structure và fur over its body toàn thân. It"s one of the tallest Titans at 17m & is extremely smart, being able khổng lồ control Titans to a great extent.

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The Tirã is currently in possession of Zeke Jaeger, Grisha"s first son, who is working for Marley lớn capture Eren và gain control of his Tichảy Powers. His whereabouts are currently unknown, & he is still believed to lớn be on the Isl&.

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The largest Tirã at 60m is the Colossal Titung, which has the power lớn give off steam from its body toàn thân and transkhung back to a human fast as lightning.

The Colossal Titan power is currently in possession of Armin, who got it after almost dying, & eating Bertholdt. Armin is believed to have sầu the same powers as Bertholdt, though his Tirã size is yet to lớn be seen.

4 Female Titan

The Female Titan is an intelligent Titung that can harden parts of its body to lớn defover itself against attacks. The power is currently held by Annie Leonhart, a cadet which had trained with Eren và joined the MPhường. Regiment.

After getting captured, Annie encased herself in an indestructible diamond-lượt thích cocoon, khổng lồ avoid getting interrogated. She is currently in the possession of the Scout Regiment & is under constant surveillance.

Ymir"s Tirã is one of the intelligent Titans và has a high amount of tốc độ and agility. The current possessor of this Power is Ymir, another fellow cadet. She got it from eating Marcel, a friend of Bertholdt, Annie and Reiner"s.

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It is unknown where Ymir currently is, as she was last seen taking off with Bertholdt và Reiner lớn escape the Scout regiment. She was helping them kidnap Eren and Historia.

2 Cart Titan

The most mysterious of all the Titans, the Cart Titung has a quadrupedal structure which is uncomtháng khổng lồ the Intelligent Titans. It acts as a scout & mule for the Beast Titan, và like it, can speak in its Titan Form.

It is unknown which quality powers, if any, the Cart Tichảy possesses, or who has the Cart Tichảy nguồn, but it is likely someone from Marley, as they are working with Zeke, Reiner, & Bertholdt. Perhaps season 4 will give a backstory to lớn this mysterious Titung.

The Ninth Tirã is yet lớn be revealed in the anime & is likely going to lớn be the Warhammer Titung, as seen in the manga. The Warhammer Titung can create weapons from parts of its toàn thân.

Besides having a chất lượng power of creating weapons from Titan skin, The Warhammer Tichảy will be an integral part of the story & will definitely be featured in the upcoming season.

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